Evernew Titanium Multi-Dish

$13.95 $14.99

The good folks at Evernew developed this ultralight titanium "Multi-Dish" to add to your kitchen setup.   In addition to being a snack plate, it also is designed to be a cover/lid for the 760ml EBY270R mug, and the 400ml EBY265 Companion cup.  Further, it can also double  as a base for Esbit/solid fuels, a primer pan for alcohol stoves in cold conditions, base for you alcohol stove in snowy conditions, or even a small "frying pan" in a pinch.

NOTE:  While the Multi-Dish can function in a number of capacities, be aware that when in use as a lid for the two mentioned mugs, it does not have a handle, nor does it "snap" onto the mugs like traditional lids.   It is wider than the mugs as you can see in the pictures, so it can be grabbed by the edges easily.


  • Use as a cover/lid for EVERNEW Ti Cup 400FD & 760FD
  • Use as a plate
  • Use as a base for solid fuel
  • Use as a primer pan/snow footprint for alcohol stove
  • Will stand up to heat if you want to try and fry on it
  • Fits perfectly inside the bottom of EVERNEW Ti Cup 570FD
Weight: 0.5oz / 13 grams
Size: 4 1/8" / 10.5cm