Evernew 760ml Ultra Light Titanium Pot/Mug (EBY270R)

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This is Evernew's newest ultralight titanium cook pot/mug. This pot is designed especially for backpackers who need to keep their pack weight as low as possible. Evernew reduced the pot's weight by eliminating the non-stick coating and using a thinner gauge of light weight and durable titanium. It also includes volume measurement lines and insulated handles With these features it is extremely easy to use and carry.    Total volume is 760 ml with a comfortable volume of 650 ml which is perfect for the solo hiker, as this quantity is usually optimal for most "boil in bag" meals plus an extra hot drink.

NOTE!....This pot does not come standard with a lid.   Evernew however has developed a titanium plate/lid that is available separately and fits over the pot as shown.   It is a departure from the traditional lid design in that it does not have a handle and does not "snap" into place.   However, it is designed to double as a small plate as well as a way to cover the top of your pot/mug during cooking.  It is available here!

  • Light and durable Titanium Construction
  • Insulated Folding Handles
  • Volume measurements in both ml and oz
  • Optional Evernew Multi-Dish cover/lid
Min Weight:
Mug - 2.4oz / 69 grams
Volume: 760ml max

Coating: Uncoated

Bag Included: No

Material: Titanium

Dimensions: 4.5" x 3.75" (h x d)