Caldera Sidewinder Solo

Kojin is included. Choose other stove options here:
Kojin is included. Choose other stove options here:

All the packability you love from the Ti-Tri Sidewinder, but now with a cost effective configuration! We bundled all the pieces you see to the left, including the patented Caldera Cone, KMart/Stanco Grease pot with a formed cone ridge, Kojin stove with screw top lid, fuel bottle kit with measuring cup, Tyvek sleeve to protect your pot, lightweight pot gripper, and a nylon stuff sack to hold it all. With this 1.1L pot, it's a perfect solo rig!

This revolutionary approach to esbit and alcohol stove cookery has quickly become the gold standard for ultralight backpackers. For those new to the Caldera Cone System there is plenty of information in the tabs below.

  • New for 2018!   We developed the Kojin alcohol stove to bundle with the Sidewinder product!   It's smaller in diameter than the classic 12-10 so it will pack inside the smaller pots.  It also has a screw top lid that helps retain unburned fuel.   If you would like to try both stoves, we can add the 12-10 as well.
    Get BOTH Stoves with your Sidewinder at 20% off - only $9.95

NOT FOR USE WITH WOOD OR PETROLEUM FIRES!!!! For wood fires see our 3 Fuel Ti-Tri Products

Made in the USA!

This is a revolutionary approach to esbit and alcohol stove cookery. Trail Designs has developed a cone and stove system that is tuned to specific pots to create the most efficient esbit and alcohol stove system in the known universe.  With this Caldera Sidewinder, not only do you get the efficiency, stability and wind protection you've come to expect with the Classic Caldera cone, but you can now pack it all inside your pot!

The theory behind the system is that completely enclosing the pot and stove within the Caldera Cone, and fine tuning the alcohol stove (included...Gram Cracker esbit stove optional) to work in that environment, we are now able to milk every last BTU out of your fuel and funnel it onto all sides of your pot. Not only does the cone system optimize your fuel usage, its wide base provides the most stable system on the market. And if that weren't enough, by totally enclosing the pot and stove, nothing performs better in the wind. Period. To top it off, the Caldera Sidewinder packs completely inside the provide pot along with all it's goodies!

The Caldera Sidewinder cone features a bomb-proof dovetail closure mechanism, venting that is biased to one side so you can block the wind better, and is made of light weight aluminum.   The Caldera Sidewinder kit includes the cone, pot gripper, fuel bottle kit, Kojin stove with screw top lid, stuff sack, AND the modified KMart Grease Pot with lid.....EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO HIT THE TRAIL!

NOT FOR USE WITH WOOD OR PETROLEUM FIRES!!!! For wood fires see our 3-Fuel Ti-Tri Products

  • Caldera Cone sized to fit the KMart Grease pot perfectly
  • 1.1L / 4.5 cup aluminum "Grease" pot with a supporting ridge formed into the pot wall
  • Kojin alcohol stove with screw top lid
  • Fuel bottle kit with measuring cup included
  • Tyvek cone packing sleeve
  • Aluminum pot gripper
  • Stuff sack to hold it all!
Min Weight: 

Caldera Cone - 41 gm

Kojin Stove - 17gm

Fuel Bottle - 20gm

weight - 69gm
size - 5.5" d x 3" h

Lid - 33gm

Gripper - 38gm

Material:  Aluminum

November 2015 - Backpacker

The Season's Best Gear - Winter Guide: Camp Kitchen

"Most people don't think you can use alcohol stoves in the winter, but with the Trail Designs Sidewinder Ti-Tri Stove System, Justin "Trauma" Lichter and his partner Shawn "Pepper" Forry were able to sustain their 131-day [winter PCT traverse] trek on denatured alcohol, even in temps well below 0° F"

Page 99

September/October 2015 - Bike & Travel (German)

Outdoor Cooker - The Right Burner for the Next Tour - Hendrik Morkel

"The Trail Designs Sidewinder Ti-Tri has accompanied me safelyon most of my tours..."

    Pages 88-91

Spring 2015 - BMC's Summit
What the Pro Takes - Long Distance Walking - Chris Townsend

"Ultralight, windproof and compact, this stove runs on meths, solid fuel or wood. I used it on both the Pacific Northwest Trail and the Scottish Watershed"   
     Spotlight: Page 18

2013 - Petersen's Hunting
Annual Gear Guide
Editor's Choice - Sidewinder Ti-Tri

"It's nearly weightless, shields the flame from wind, increases efficiency, and stores inside the short/fat pot of your may be the coolest, lightest and most unique outfit out there."

Review - Page 58

Fall 2012 - Friluftsliv
Caldera Keg and Ti-Tri Sidewinder Review

".....weight wise this system is a home-run and not just for long trips.  Imagine how much of a weight difference this will make on day hikes."
Original article - Page 58 and 59 (in Norwegian)

Issue 1 - Mar/Apr 2012
Review of the Trail Designs Ti-Tri Sidewinder

"...a well crafted reliable product that has few, if any'll be hard pressed to find a better alcohol stove system, and we feel you'll be satisfied if you choose the (Ti-Tri) Sidewinder system for your cooking needs."
Review - page 45

August 2011 - TGO Magazine
Cooking Systems for Lightweight Backpacking - Chris Townsend
TGO - Best Buy
TGO - Recommended

"Caldera Cone stove systems have been my favourites for several years now.   This model (Sidewinder) is the one I used on the Pacific Northwest Trail Last summer......"

Intro - Page 98

Review - Page 101

Summer 2011 - Women's Adventure
Camping Stoves - Gear Review

"....Caldera’s cone captures and maximizes heat from three potential sources: wood, alcohol, and esbit (a solid fuel tablet)......this versatile system (Sidewinder) requires much less fuel than petroleum-based systems so it’s more weight-efficient for backpacking.."
     Online review here

January 2011 - TGO
75 Days of Testing - Chris Townsend's Pacific Northwest Trail Gear Report

"The (Sidewinder) Inferno stove was one of the great successes of the walk as I really enjoyed using it."
     Original article - Page 85

"Just wanted to send you a little praise. Tried out my new sidewinder this weekend and its freaking awesome! That inferno insert is genius! The whole thing is a work of art. I've never felt compelled to just email such love for a product but I gotta say, this is just great! Keep up the good work."
Drew Fortson in an 11/9/11 email to Trail Designs

"I recently got a CC Sidewinder stove W/ the Inferno woodburning option & a 3 cup pot.  This sucker REALLY cooks fast with the ESBIT Gram Cracker tab holder or the Inferno wood burning kit. All I need is two hands full of twigs and some tinder to cook for 20 minutes."
300winmag's WhiteBlaze post - 4/22/11

"The Inferno Sidewinder cooking system is ingenious in its simplicity and delivers outstanding results in an incredibly short period of time.  My previous cooking systems (MSR pocket rocket & whisperlite) will never again leave my equipment cache; however, my Inferno system will go everywhere with me...."
John Silva - After a winter SAR trip to 7000' in the Sierras 3/16/11

"The TD guys have packed a lot of functionality into a compact package. (The Sidewinder) completely rocks in the inferno wood burning configuration!"
    JD (Mustardman's) evaluation of the Sidewinder on BPL

"I have been using this cook system for the last few months, and it is by far the best offering that the folks at Trail Designs has yet come up with. Trail Designs has been hard at work, and the effort shows through in this product..... Frankly, I would give this a 10 out of 5 if it were in my power. I can only really try to compare it to the BushBuddy Ultra (the only other wood-burning stove I've tried), and well, there's no comparison....."
   Lynn Tramper's evaluation of the Sidewinder on BPL