Caldera Caddy


The Caldera Cone packing solution now available individually. The Caldera Caddy is a food grade plastic container that safely protects your Caldera Cone, 12-10 Stove, Fuel Bottle and other small cooking items....AND doubles as a bowl and mug!!! It comes in 4 different sizes to fit your Caldera Cone perfectly. Currently shipping with new Caldera Cone and Classic Ti-Tri orders.  ( picture includes insulation and stuff sack called the "Caddy Sack" which is not included with Caddy....but available separately.)

Made in the USA!

  • Protection for your Caldera Cone, stove and other small items
  • Threaded connection allows for varying sizes
  • Food grade plastic lets you serve your meals/drinks in it
  • Won't distort in hot water
  • Extra large, low, flat threads for easy cleaning/easy dining
  • Diameter: 3.75"
Material: Food Grade Plastic

Diameter: 3.75"

Size Height Weight
XSM 6 3/8 2.5oz/72g
SML 7 1/8" 2.5oz/70g
MED 7 7/8" 3.1oz/88g
LNG 8 5/8" 3.1oz/87g
Which End? Approx Volume
Short Top 2cup/16oz
Tall Top 3cup/24oz
Short Bottom 3.25cup/26oz
Tall Bottom 4cup/32oz