Trail Designs Simmer Ring


Introducing the new family of titanium Simmer Rings for the 12-10 stove! Trail Designs has been working for the past 5 years perfecting this deceptively simple design. The Simmer Rings are constructed of titanium and have a very subtle conical shape that allows them to restrict air from the top by providing a near seal against the stove body right above the air inlet ports, and flaring out slightly to the primer pan where they control air flow against that surface.

The Rings come in two flavors. The standard Simmer Ring (SR) that is a simple, ultralight solution that reduces your cooking speed by ~85% without any fiddling required on your part. Alternatively, we also offer the Adjustable Simmer Rings (ASR) that rotate relative to each other to provide a range of simmer speeds from 50% to 85% restriction. They will come packed on your stove or in their own container if ordered ala-carte.

NOTE!   Does not work with the Kojin stove!

  • Fits the 12-10 stove perfectly
  • Stores on the 12-10 stove for efficient packing
  • Titanium construction - rugged and will never melt
  • Simmer Ring (SR) reduces burn rate by 85%
  • Adjustable Simmer Rings reduce burn rate by 50% to 85%
Simmer Ring - 3.5 grams
Adjustable Ring - 7 grams

Height - 30mm

Diameter - 67mm to 70mm
"Have just spent three days bushwalking in the blue mountains outside Sydney Australia. I did all the cooking using your products with a snow peak 940ml pot set. I was extremely impressed with the 12-10 stove and the adjustable simmer ring . I was able to simmer our food for 55 minutes on 30ml of fuel. This finally makes it possible to really cool using alcohol fuels. Thanks for a great product which really works!"

Glen Griffith in an email to Trail Designs