Beer Bands


The solution to handling your beer can pot is here!!!

Trail Designs is now shipping silicon bands specifically designed for the backpacker using large beer cans as cook pots. The BeerBand kit comes with a 5 gm small band sized to fit the opening, acting as a lip guard and a way to grip your can without burning your fingers. The larger 8 gram band is sized to fit around the body of the can. This also allows for easier handling, in addition to providing a support ridge for the Caldera Cone and an aftermarket stove adjustment for the Caldera Keg GVP. Large band may also be used as a lip guard.

  • Large band weighs 8gm
  • Small band weighs 5gm
  • Silicon band will not melt in normal use
  • Provides for easy handling of hot can
  • Use on unformed cans for the Caldera Keg
  • Perfect for your Caldera "Clone" DIY project