Customer Testimonials

  • "No doubt, no question, no competition, by far the best backpacking stove setup I have ever used!!"
    Dirtbaghiker in an email to Trail Designs
  • "Just went on a solo trip in Catskills, NY. I hiked Windham High peak and Blackhead mountain range and used my sidewinder with  the inferno. I love this set up so much!! I tell everyone that they should get it!!  It just works perfectly every time which ever way I use it!! Thanks again for making such a perfect cook kit!!"
    Joe Annese in an email to Trail Designs

  • "The Sidewinder Ti-Tri stove is the perfect alcohol stove....(and) is now the stove I use for backpacking and bike-packing trips, and I highly recommend it. It is very reliable and works well in windy and cold weather."
    Foam Core Skier - in their article:
    Trail Designs Sidewinder Ti-Tri Review
  • "Trail Designs Sidewinder Tri-Ti.... has emerged as the leading alcohol stove system, due to its wind resistance, stability, and efficiency. It is my favorite stove for going fast and light...."
    Max Neale - in his article:
    Ultimate Alaska Backpacking Gear
  • "In 2010 I took the Ti-Tri on the Pacific Northwest Trail and was so delighted with it that I used it on my next two long-distance walks, the Scottish Watershed and Yosemite Valley to Death Valley. I’ll almost certainly use it on the next one too, though with the new Kojin burner rather than the 12-10 one as the Kojin is more durable and can retain unused fuel. I think I’ve finally found the ideal stove for long-distance walks."
    Chris Townsend - in his article:
    Stoves I've used for long-distance walking over the decades

  • "I absolutely love this thing it is fantastic.  I'm very glad I did my research and found the alcohol stove before I went the popular way of the wasteful, environmentally unfriendly canister stoves.  Whether it's just the luxury hot tea on a short mushroom hunting expedition or making wild blueberry cobbler in the mountains in summertime, this thing is the way to cook.  I just got back from a week in southern Arizona, and I enjoyed my morning oatmeal I ate in the mountains more than the shmancy chile releno's in Tuscon, thanks in no small part to this tiny titanium treat of outdoorsing wizardry."
    Jake Glick in an email to Trail Designs

  • "Have just spent three days bushwalking in the blue mountains outside Sydney Australia. I did all the cooking using your products with a snow peak 940ml pot set. I was extremely impressed with the 12-10 stove and the adjustable simmer ring . I was able to simmer our food for 55 minutes on 30ml of fuel. This finally makes it possible to really cool using alcohol fuels. Thanks for a great product which really works!"
    Glen Griffith in an email to Trail Designs

  • "Since the first prototypes in May 2017, I’ve been field (and lab) testing the new TD Kojin Ultralight Alcohol Stove. After many weeks of use in the field, the stove has performed almost flawlessly. This included using it down to near single digit temperatures at 11,000 feet in the Sierras. The Kojin stove lit right up in the morning with no issues and quickly boiled my water. Because of this, the Kojin stove now goes on every trip with me — whether I am traveling solo or with my wife."
    Alan Dixon in his Trail Designs Kojin Ultralight Alcohol Stove Review 

  • "If you love alcohol or wood stoves you will love the Trail designs Ti-tri fusion. If you don’t love alcohol stoves, it’s time to start and this is the perfect tool for the job. With it’s built in windshield, easy to track fuel usage, light weight and extremely versatile usage – there is no reason to look any where else for three season usage.
    Watch me do the impossible and compare this stove to my wife: Before I met my wife I didn’t mind trying out new models and changing out one woman for another. Once I met my wife my interest for everyone else disappeared completely, from the very first day (which is why I am now married). This stove had the exact same effect on me – Once I bought this stove, my interest in all other stoves disappeared completely."
    Kenneth Shaw in his Gear review: Trail designs Ti-tri Caldera Cone

  • "Lightweight, efficient and cleverly designed -- the Caldera Keg is still the best backpacking stove on the market in 2018."
    Casey Fielder in his Best Backpacking Stoves of 2018 review.

  • "I've had my Caldera Cone and Stove for about 2 years now and have used it in wind, rain and temps in the teens. It never fails. Of the 6 stoves I've owned over the last 40+ years this is the most efficient and by far my favorite. It is very forgiving and easy to set up even under less than ideal conditions. Thanks for a great product."
    Johnny Emberson in an email to Trail Designs

  • "Okay, I'm impressed. I got my Fissure/Toaks camp stove about two weeks ago and have tested it with firewood, charcoal, Irish peat, hexamine, and alcohol. In all cases, the results were outstanding…. The total packet allows me to go anywhere in the world and acquire any of the above mentioned fuel types upon arrival. With a compact design and weight of eight ounces, the camp stove combination fits nicely into my ultralight, all-season, carry-on backpack for overseas camping…. The Fissure/Toaks is an essential component. Thanks for a great product."
    David Marshall in an email to Trail Designs

  • "The Trail Designs Sidewinder Ti-Tri… beautifully combines a miniscule weight with functionality. Machined from titanium, the windscreen acts as a reliable and sturdy pot stand and is custom fit to a wide variety of pots.
    Mike Summers in The Perfect Kit: Ultralight Backpacking review

  • "…the Ti Tri Sidewinder is my 6th stove in  40 years of backpacking. It is by far the best so far. I've had it out on 2 cold weather trips so far and have nothing but praise for it. It is efficient, simple and very stable. Thanks for a great product "
    Johnny Emberson in an email to Trail Designs

  • "This innovative Gram Cracker Solid Fuel Kit takes the idea of a stove and pairs it right back to it’s lightest and most basic…, this minimalist system offers the lightest way we’ve found to get your water boiling."
    Kieran Alger in their "Best Endurance Running Kit" review

  • "The Caldera Keg stove is incredibly stable, wind resistant and one of the most efficient cooking systems on the market today. Extremely quick and easy to set up, this stove really is ideal for speed hiking."
    Macca Sherifi in their "Ultralight Gear for Speed Hiking" review

  • "Gentlemen, my daughter asked me to send you a thank you for her caldera stove.  She is currently hiking the AT and is convinced that it is the best stove out there.  She raves about it.  Says it heats water faster and uses less fuel than the other stoves and is lighter to boot.  So thank you for all your hard work and engineering skills.  There is one purple haired non-engineer art major on the trail that thinks you guys are awesome. "
    Purple hair's mother - in an email to Trail Designs
    (probably our favorite testimonial to date!)

  • "If you are worried about weight, mainly eat dehydrated food on a trek or don't like gas stoves, this stove is a must. It boils water efficiently and is basically foolproof. I will be using this for all solo walks and lightweight group walks."
    James Stuart, The Life Outdoors

  • "…the one piece of kit that has stayed with me since I first got hold of one in 2010 is the Trail Designs Caldera Cone or Sidewinder system. Simple, nothing to break, nothing to fix, light, efficient, bombproof and compact."
    Keith Foskett's answer to the question: "What one piece of gear would you never leave without" in winning the Liebster Award

  • "I just returned from a 24 night backpacking walk along the entire coast of the Islands of the Scottish Outer Hebrides.  The sidewinder Ti-Tri performed perfectly and was a pleasure to use, it needed surprisingly little meths and in this wet, windy and cool part of the world it was comforting to never be more than a few minutes from a cup of Earl Grey tea!  Thank you for a great product.
    John Collister - in an email to Trail Designs

  • "Trail Designs have been the masters of lightweight hiking stoves for some time. They combine great performance, in all conditions, but remain very light, tough, and pack small…. This is a great stove that I highly recommend for solo hikers looking for a light and efficient setup."
    Tramplite's Travels - customer review

  • "My wife and myself recently completed the GR5 – 1500 miles from the Hook of Holland to Nice. We wild camped nearly every night for 4 ½ months and used the Caldera stove every day. It was absolutely fantastic and I can honestly not think of any other stove available that would have been as good."
    Peter Lloyd - customer review at Ultralight Outdoor Gear

  • "After extensive use of the Caldera Cone System in the field, I highly recommend it. This cooking system is extremely light, easy to use, and highly efficient. It's a great piece of gear for any lightweight backpacker."
    Dave Collins - Founder of

  • "Unless you guys plan on installing a miniature cold fusion reactor in one of your cones, I expect this will my last purchase, as it pretty well fits the bill.  These have been brilliantly and elegantly designed products, and I am pleased to have been a customer."
    Duane Hall - in an email to Trail Designs

  • "Having used it successfully on last year's TGO Challenge and on the Pacific Northwest Trail, I'm sticking with the Caldera Ti-Tri Inferno (for his 1200km Scottish Watershed hike)"
    Chris Townsend - TGO's June 2013 "How to go Lightweight"

  • "After building my first cooking fire on a 1956 Boy Scout Camporee, and then wandering for over 50 years through the wilderness of white gas, butane, and iso-butane stoves, I feel as though I've arrived in the promised land every time I light up my Caldera cone."
    John Joyner - in an email to Trail Designs

  • "As far as the Caldera Cones, I love them… these are beautiful pieces of kit. But, it doesn’t stop with just looking good, they also perform just as beautifully. They block wind better than any other windscreen I have made, functions as both the windscreen and the pot stand, and are simple to use. No real parts to break on these things…."
    Stick - Stick's blog May 3, 2013

  • "I took my new ti-tri sidewinder with inferno in the Evernew 1.3 Liter pot out last weekend for the first time. I couldn't be happier with my new system! I was particularly happy with the inferno. I also have a competitor's wood stove and the inferno is dramatically better! The wide inverted cone allows enough fuel to easily get a fire started and instead of wanting to go out like my other stove, this baby wants to burn! After cooking, all that was left was white ash. The alcohol and Esbit systems also work beautifully. Thanks for making such a wonderful product! It is truly a joy to use."
    James (Roger) Harris - email to Trail Designs

  • "Caldera Ti-Tri Cone… the holy grail of cooking setups. Can use wood, alcohol or esbit! (Trail Designs)… builds a piece of Ti into the windscreen that also supports your pot… the design and execution of the product is spot on."
    Chase Norton - First Person to Hike the Koolau Summit

  • "… the Caldera system preformed flawlessly during the entire trip."
    North Star and Shutterbug- read their Ti-Tri review from the PCT

  • "The TrailDesigns Sidewinder is truly a magical cooking accessory. A pot stand and wind screen built into one. It rolls up and fits inside of my pot. Super easy. - 12 Favorite Pieces of Hiking Gear for 2012

  • #3 Caldera GVP Cone Kit (stove) - Uses either alcohol or solid Esbit fuel. Light and efficient. I often consider bring one of my other stoves, but this is the one I usually take trip after trip. The Caldera Cone Systems are made by Trail Designs and I have several, but the GVP is my favorite. - Favorite Hiking Gear for 2012

  • "My Evernew 900ml wide pot and Sidewinder Inferno set-up… In wood mode it's awesome. Before this set-up I was a dedicated Bushbuddy guy but after this weekend I'm converted to the Sidewinder Inferno…. I cannot recommend this system enough and I really think it will trump all my other stove sets now."
    Nathan Stuart in a 8/12/12 BPL Review

  • "One of my Trekkers forgot to pack their Pocket Rocket for their 3 person cooking crew.  I took extra fuel and boiled my water then added more water and just kept on until all 4 folks had dinner. All in a solo cookpot and your Ti-Tri in alcohol mode. Unbelievable!!!"
    Reggie Garrett in an email to Trail Designs discussing his 7 day trip on the CT

  • "The Caldera Cone system by Trail Designs has been around for a while but far from being threatened by other newer designs, it still holds its ground and it's the other manufacturers still trying to make up the ground and come up with something as brilliant. It ticks all the right boxes for a backpacking stove: it's light, compact, beautifully simple, durable, efficient and relatively cheap."
    Keith Foskett writing from the AT

  • "The best alcohol stove/windscreen system I’ve used so far is the Trail Designs Caldera Cone, which burns very efficiently."
    sectionhiker's backpacking stove review

  • "I just purchased the Sidewinder Ti-Tri with the Evernew 600 Ultralight.…. The features that make this very light-weight product stand out is its simplicity. It is also dead quiet - no furious gas burning sounds, no knobs to turn off… just use it, blow it out… and you're done. Love it, and well done."
    Jason Quick in a 6/15/12 email to Trail Designs
  • "I can clearly see that the Trail Designs Guys have been in the Game for awhile.  The design and products used are seamless.
    Barefoot Jake's June 2012 Sidewinder Review
  • "… you and your team represent the best of the American Spirit…. I don't know who is second in the field of lightweight camping equipment, but you guys are way ahead of them.   Thank you for your ingenuity, creativity, and hard work - all of us who use, admire, and respect your products are glad we exist at a time when you all are creating things for us.  Thanks for what you do."
    George Simmions in a 5/13/12 email to Trail Designs
  • "Your Caldera Cone Tri-Ti (classic model) has been with me (from) the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the 12,700' passes along the CDT… it has always performed well!    I have about loved this thing to death.  :)
    J.Patrick Bowers in a 3/24/12 email to Trail Designs
  • "Overall, I prefer the Ti-Tri Sidewinder Cone because of it's lighter weight, greater capacity, better packability, wind resistance, better stability, and ability to run equally well on wood and non-wood fuels.  Particularly where I live where wood fire bans are a fact of life, the ability to run equally well on wood and non-wood fuels is key.  Moreover, I would think that for anyone who camps both above and below tree line that the Ti-Tri Sidewinder Cone would be the wood burning stove of choice."
    Hikin' Jim's Comparision of the Ti-Tri vs the BushBuddy
  • "Got the Caldera Cone system last week. Got to try them all out last Friday in the hills and had great success - boiling 300ml of water faster than my mates Group Cooking Jetboil !!!! - was very windy and the Jetboil didn't seem to cope well.
    Phil Hodge in a 2/21/12 email to Trail Designs
  • "There are an enormous number of stoves available, but at the moment the clear favorite in terms of boil time and wind resistance is the Trail Designs Caldera Cone."
    1/24/12 BPL Review
  • "There was one piece of gear I didn't want to compromise on and that was a stove.  Trail Designs' Caldera Cone System is fantastic.  It is beautifully simple, light, efficient, well-constructed and bulletproof."
    Page 341 - The Last Englishmen by Keith Foskett
  • "… my pick for an alcohol stove, a complete system, the Caldera Cone… for my money, the Caldera Cone ultralight stove system is a dang good one."
    Hikin' Jim - reviews the Caldera Cone
  • "First and foremost I think this is a great piece of kit! I am really impressed with the performance of the system against the weight of it. It really works much better for me as a cooking system than my old Trangia system did and I can see it replacing my MSR Superfly as my goto stove."
    Aushiker - 12/25/11 - reviews the EV900 Sidewinder
  • "Just wanted to send you a little praise. Tried out my new sidewinder this weekend and its freaking awesome! That inferno insert is genius! The whole thing is a work of art. I've never felt compelled to just email such love for a product but I gotta say, this is just great! Keep up the good work."
    Drew Fortson in an 11/9/11 email to Trail Designs
  • "If you've read my previous reports, you'll know I'm hooked on this system now…. This is a bombproof stove system which does one thing and does it very well…. The Trail Designs Caldera Cone and 12-10 Stove are a permanent part of my solo camping kit now. It's become my "go-to" stove and hasn't let me down."
    Kerri Larkin in her July 27th 2011 Backpack Gear Test report
  • "Thank you so much for your assistance with my recent purchase…. [My] scouts were were at first perplexed by the Ti-Tri, but when they saw it in action, thought it was the greatest stove they'd ever seen!  The service you provided was above and beyond any expectations I could have had, and I will be using Trail Designs for any purchases I can in the future."
    Robert Brisson in a July 13th 2011 email to Trail Designs
  • "… I was blown away by what a nicely designed piece of flat titanium this is…. I loved the Ti-Tri and took it on all of my solo trips after that.
    Ray Estrella in his BackpackGearTest Review
  • "Although I very quickly realized that the Caldera Cone is considerably more efficient, I was still interested in conducting a comparison with normal spirit stoves in widespread use (such as the Antigravitygear pepsi can stove) or with stoves which hikers can construct for themselves in a few simple steps… "  (see link for full test results)
    Johannes Huwe's Trailblaze article:  Caldera Cone versus a normal alcohol stove
  • "I recently got a CC Sidewinder stove W/ the Inferno woodburning option & a 3 cup pot.  This sucker REALLY cooks fast with the ESBIT Gram Cracker tab holder or the Inferno wood burning kit. All I need is two hands full of twigs and some tinder to cook for 20 minutes."
    300winmag's WhiteBlaze post - 4/22/11
  • "&you have done it again with this one buddy. This Caldera Keg-GVP is engineering at it's finest! Cool setup…. Keep up the good work! It is great having people like you all in the gear industry!"
    R.L. Hesson's email to Trail Designs - 4/18/11
  • "What a stove! This thing really is tiny. It doesn't just crack the grams and ounces, it shatters them. It's really hard to see how a stove could be simpler than this."
    Kerri Larkin's - Gram Cracker BackpackGearTest review
  • "The Inferno Sidewinder cooking system is ingenious in its simplicity and delivers outstanding results in an incredibly short period of time.  My previous cooking systems (MSR pocket rocket & whisperlite) will never again leave my equipment cache; however, my Inferno system will go everywhere with me… "
    John Silva - After a winter SAR trip to 7000' in the Sierras 3/16/11
  • "I LOVE my Caldera Sidewinder! I tell everyone who will listen about how light, packable and easy to use it is!" 
    Eric Smith in an email to Trail Designs - 1/27/10
  • "I would never have thought some one could improve on "fire" and the use of "fire". But after a million years of humans trying, you with a bit of Titanium hit the mark right on. NICELY DONE.  It my mind your achievements are right up there with rip stop nylon, the LED headlamp and Gor-Tex / highly breathable fabrics.  THANK YOU."
    Eric Burtt in an email to Trail Designs - 12/27/10
  • "…any Trail Designs Caldera Cone is great! I own several different combinations, and have not been disappointed with any.
    John Roan's PCT Section A Trip Report - 4/17/10
  • "I was and still am convinced that the Tri-Ti version is the ultimate backcountry cooking system."
    John Roan's Confessions of an UltraLight Backpacker - Addicted to Caldera 1/10/11
  • "…I just finished an 11 day hike of the Wonderland Trail, carrying a Caldera Cone stove for cooking. It worked great!…. I don't think I'll ever haul a Whisperlite stove along again…. Thanks for lightening my load!
    Diane Pinkers in an email to Trail Designs - 9/3/10
  • "We've used the Caldera Cone System on several Adirondack, NY paddle trips, and several PA, backpacking trips. It has always been easy to use, dependable, and light weight. I'm always telling and showing other people the System. It's amazing!."
    Andy and Joanne Hensch in an email to Trail Designs - 8/24/10
  • "… the Gram Cracker and the Caldera Cone does the business. This is a combination that would be worth any ultralight backpacker having a look at."
    Andy Howell's Walking & Trekking Pages - 7/29/10
  • "I've got a BushBuddy, a DX2, a Ti-Try CC and a collection of r-oh stove… in my trials there is nothing as fast and fuel efficient as a caldera cone."
    MedicineMan on Hammock Forum - 4/13/10
  • "The Trail Designs Caldera Keg-H Cook System is going to be my "go to" system for all my spur of the moment and short trips…. It is compact, complete, light, and durable. It is almost hard to believe that such a simple set up is as complete and reliable as it is."
    Review on - 1/08/10
  • "The caldera cone/esbit combo is darned near as quick as my primus canister stove."
    10K on WhiteBlaze - 3/10/10
  • "IMO the Caldera cone stove set from Trail Designs is hands down one of the best on the market currently."
    butts0989 on WhiteBlaze - 3/01/10
  • "I used to be a naysayer of the Caldera Cone from Trail Designs but after some testing, I've become a convert. Because it's an enclosed system, it is extremely efficient and since the windscreen doubles as a pot stand, it saves weight too. This is probably one of the most creative designs I've seen for an alcohol stove cooking system…."
    Jason Klass on "Gear Talk" - 3/10/10
  • "In use, it works. I'm not going to try and time how long it takes to boil 500ml of water or anything - that all gets thrown out the window when it's minus 7 and you can't feel your fingers. You just splash some meths into the centre of the burner, spill a little on the built-in priming pan, light it and snuggle back into your down cocoon, confident that this is the most efficient meths cooking system you'll ever use."
    Phil Turner on Lightweight Outdoors - 2/23/10
  • "The CC TT Inferno is the most stable of the wood burners I've tried."
    Carol Corbridge on Boomer's Lightweight Backpacking Blog - 8/18/09
  • "I have enjoyed using this stove because it handles cold and especially wind as well or better than other stoves I've used. It is the most stable of the backpacking stoves in my current gear closet. Using the cone to suspend the pot over the heat source is brilliant."
    Rosaleen Sullivan on - 2/20/07
  • "My Caldera Cone alcohol stove assembles quickly, starts reliably --- fiddle factor is low. And (for an alcohol stove) it's quite efficient. On a weight-adjusted basis, it seems to me that the performance is quite high."
    BrianLe on White Blaze - 1/13/10
  • "Having used them (alcohol stoves) frequently in my checkered past I'll say the ONLY efficient alky stove I've seen is the Caldera cone, IMHO."
    300winmag on White Blaze - 1/13/10
  • "Caldera Cone - It's just a genius design with the pot stand being the wind shield. Very stable, very efficient and cool looking too. I have three of these now: the Keg-H, the standard cone for the SP900 and a ti-tri with inferno for the MSR Titan.."
    Thomas Gauperaa on BPL's Editor's Roundtable Forum - 1/17/10
  • "This thing is awesome. There is nothing I can say that hasn't already been said, save some anecdotal story attesting the overall prowess displayed by that thar stove… Yep"
    Jeff Sullivan on BPL's Reader Reviews - 1/11/10
  • "My Caldera Cone is a new addition to my kit, and I'm impressed with it every time I use it… you can really notice the difference in efficiency and boil times. Easily my favorite stove, hand down."
    Adam Frizzell on the BPL Reader Reviews - 12/21/09
  • "I did just get a Caldera Cone Ti-Tri to start using on solo trips and it made a convert out of me on the first night."
    Ray Estrella on the BPL GSpot Forum - 12/17/09
  • "… hands down the Caldera puts all others that I have used to shame. It is a great alcy stove with respect to fuel efficiency and wind usage."
    Jamie Shortt on the BPL GSpot Forum - 12/12/09
  • "That might be the coolest damn thing I've ever seen… "
    rowdybeaver33's comment on Tom Lambert's Caldera Keg video - 12/10/09
  • "… this is perhaps the optimum solution when wood is available but you would like to carry fuel as a back up."
    Roger Brown review of a ULC Ti-Tri Inferno on his blog - 11/22/09
  • "I've used my Caldera Kitchen for the AGG 3 cup pot about 10 times now. It's a great setup and everything packs together very nicely. The stove works flawlessly and is far more efficient than any of my homemade alcohol stoves. The system seems impervious to wind."
    Ken Charpie on the BPL GSpot Forum - 11/12/09
  • "I've made quite a few stoves and bought a few as well. What makes these Caldera systems special is they are a "system". They are miserly in their use of alcohol and are more immune to the wind than anything else I've tried."
    Greg Vaillancourt on the BPL GSpot Forum - 11/10/09
  • "Gossamer Gear Caldera GVP Keg lightest and best system I have used yet! Happy camper!"
    Kevin Egelhoff on BPL GSpot Forum - 10/13/09
  • "I just got back from my first trip using your KILLER alcohol stove.… I love it! Light, compact, efficient. The windscreen has got to be the best feature. Second is weight. Come to think of it, everything about it is great…. I just wanted to tell you its just a fabulous product, and I had head's turning at the BackPackers' Camp in Tuolumne Meadows while using it."
    Abbie Sommer in an email to Trail Designs - 8/7/09
  • "I have had the opportunity to test the TrailDesigns Caldera Cone Stove System, and it has turned an alcohol stove skeptic into a believer.… on a January snow camping trip… on many cold mornings the Caldera heated water faster than the canister stoves…. For normal backpacking use this stove is the bomb!"
    Bob Shaver's on Backpacking Technology Review - 6/7/09
  • "This system is a league of its own amongst the other UL stoves out there…. Ultralite+near perfect cook system. Simply put, A+ 10!"
    Aaron Zuniga on BPL GSpot Forum - 5/26/09
  • "I have gone though A LOT of stoves in my 40 odd years of camping and this has to be my favorite! Nicely done!"
    Morris Manolson in an email to Trail Designs - 5/12/09
  • "… as far as Im concerned the Caldera cone system makes all predecessors a bit obsolete- it just works in real world conditions so much better."
    Brian Maynard on BPL GSpot Forum - 5/2/09
  • "The Caldera Cone represents a revolutionary approach in the field of the spirit stove. Trail Designs have developed a product which can be individually adapted to fit any pot. The result is the most efficient spirit stove system in the world."
    Johannes Huwe in Germany - Trailblaze - 3/14/08
  • "I am totally sold on the Caldera systems."
    Roleigh Martin in an email to Trail Designs - 3/12/09
  • "Thanks for the awesome designs, that can fit in a sub-5 base pack weight!"
    Glen Van Peski in an email to Trail Designs - 12/03/08
  • "The Caldera Cone system has already been proven being the most efficient alcohol stove system currently out there tested by various hikers and magazines. What impressed me about the Keg was that the guys from Trail Designs put really everything what you need into one box."
    Roman Ackl's LightHiker's World Review (Germany) - 9/17/08
  • "I stand behind your Caldera Cone and Caldera Keg products 110% and recommend them to almost everyone I run into who sees mine. Thanks again! "
    James Johnston in an email to Trail Designs - 1/29/09
  • "Trying to make a Caldera cone "more efficient" is like trying to make a Porsche or Corvette faster, what is the point?"
    Take-a-knee on Hammockforums - 11/12/08
  • "This by far beats any other alcohol stove setup that I own."
    Wayne Petrovich "KrispyKritter" in an email to Trail Designs - 9/16/08
  • "The Caldera stove is my stove of choice bar none. Its so reliable and beyond any stove setup out there."
    Brian Maynard on BPL GSpot Forum - 9/28/08
  • "The Caldera Keg system is very robust. No fooling with windscreens, etc. Just light and go."
    Mark Hurd on BPL GSpot Forum - 12/19/08
  • "Gram cracker and Caldera is also my go to stove…. It is my intention to use this stove set up in the Arctic later this year because of its efficiency."
    Roger Brown on BPL GSpot Forum - 1/14/09
  • "[The Trail Designs Ti-Tri] stove system has my highest recommendation. With a little user input it is pretty close to perfect…."
    Jason Smith on BPL Reader Reviews - 2/19/08
  • "… after all the abuse I have put it through it is still my "go-to" stove. It has never failed to bring water to a boil on less than an ounce of fuel. It is reliable, predictable, and efficient. And when in camp, I am usually set up, and cooking long before my hiking partners. With the kit I purchased, it is one of the most compact stove setups I have had."
    passionphish on "My Thru Hike" - 7/30/08
  • "I was frustrated with the fiddle factor caused mostly by the instability of most stoves, pot stands and wind screens. The Caldera has solved all those problems and taken camp cooking from being a stressful moment requiring full attention to a casual task."
    Michael Davis on BPL GSpot Forum - 2/19/09
  • "… once I discovered and started using the Trail Designs Caldera Cone systems, I found that I am using the Bushbuddy less and less. The Trail Designs system has an integrated windscreen and performs better in breezy conditions, is lighter in weight, and is designed to burn alcohol. Also, the Trail Designs system allows me to lay tinder and kindling for my fire, and then light the fire from the side. This makes starting a fire much easier. So, I don't use the Bushbuddy much anymore. Not because it is a bad stove, but because I simply like the Trail Designs Ti-Tri Caldera Cone better."
    Kai Larson Review - 12/23/08
  • "I have been using a 2 litre version of the Ti-Tri since Xmas. I am awed by it's efficiency and versatility, and have used it with Esbit, wood,… but this weekend I used it for something different… something that I couldn't achieve with a BushBuddy… after dinner it was getting pretty cold, and there was tons of very dry firewood all over the place. So I fired up the Ti-Tri and we all sat around this little blazing inferno. It threw out enough heat to keep us cozy and chatting for a couple of hours. It was amazing how much fuel you could load into it in one go, and we took turns tossing in the next piece of wood. We could also pitch in wood of a much greater diameter and length than anything the BushBuddy could handle. All this contained within a 2oz tiny circle of focused heat. Hats off to the designers of this mighty stove/space heater!
    "Lynn Tramper" on BPL GSpot Forum - 3/30/09