Evernew Titanium Companion Cup (EBY265)

$25.95 $27.49

We also have this bundled with a Sidewinder! (see picture)

This featherlight mug is perfect for all situations. It's single wall titanium body delivers the strength and lightweight features you've come to expect from the Evernew product line. The handles fold away for easy, compact storage, AND are coated to protect your fingers in case the handles get too hot.

Plus....It's designed to nest perfectly onto the Evernew 640ml pots! (see picture)

NOTE!....This mug/pot does not come standard with a lid.   Evernew however has developed a titanium plate/lid that is available separately and fits over the pot as shown.   It is a departure from the traditional lid design in that it does not have a handle and does not "snap" into place.   However, it is designed to double as a small plate as well as a way to cover the top of your pot/mug during cooking.  It is available here!

  • Ultralight, ultrastrong Titanium
  • Single Wall construction for light weight and max volume
  • Rolled edge provides extra strength
  • Insulated handles saves your fingers
  • Folding handles allows it to pack compactly.
  • Optional Evernew Multi-Dish cover/lid
Min Weight: 52g / 1.8oz

Volume: 400ml

Coating: Uncoated

Bag Included: no

Material: Titanium

Dimensions: 4" x 2.5" (d x h)