Kojin Stove


For 2018, Trail Designs is proud to introduce our new stove designed to work inside the higher heat and lower oxygen of the cone systems.   This stove is smaller than our 12-10 stove allowing it to pack inside the smaller pots, and avoid the stakes the 12-10 requires for the Sidewinder product.   It has "batting" inside and a screw top, sealed metal lid to help prevent spills and help retain unburned fuel.   

The stove is a different design than the 12-10, using the "batting" material in the stove body to regulate fuel flow and vaporization rather than the chambers used in the 12-10.   It is designed for denatured alcohol only. This is a readily available fuel that can be found in any hardware or paint store and at many backcountry outfitters.

This stove is intended to be used primarilly with the Caldera/Ti-Tri systems.

  • Tuned to work in Caldera or Ti-Tri Cones
  • Screw top lid to help retain unburned fuel
  • Small diameter and height for better packability and use with Sidewinders
  • Ultralight!  (17 grams)

Stove width - just under 2.5"

Stove height - 13/16"

Min Weight: 

17 gm

Material:  Aluminum