Inline Adapters for Screw On Filters

$6.99 $12.74

Inline Hydration Pack Adapters for the Sawyer Screw On Filter that will allow you to install your filter on your hydration pack line to filter your water on the go.

Compatible with the Sawyer Squeeze Filter and the All-In-One Filter.

NOTE: Hydration products are non-refundable/non-returnable after use.

Sawyer's Inline Hydration Pack Adapters allow you to turn your Sawyer filter into an inline filtration system for your hydration pack. Just screw the adapters into both ends of the filter and cut your hydration drinking tube in half to insert at both adapter ends. Now you can filter water directly from your reservoir for good, clean water. When filtering is no longer needed, simply remove the filter and screw both adapters back together to reconnect and your back to regular hydration.

  • Turns your pack into an inline hydration system
  • Dirty water in your reservoir is made drinkable with filter attached
  • Compatible with the Sawyer Squeeze Filter and the All in One Filter.
  • Includes 2 adapters
  • Height: 4.00"
  • Length: 4.00"
  • Width: 1.80"
  • Weight: 1oz