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Fusion cones only

Cones must be matched precisely to your pot. Please select the pot you will use with this cone.
Regular price $70.00

Titanium Fusion cones

Compatible Pots List

  • AlpKit MyTiMug *pre-2008*
  • AlpKit MyTiMug *post-2008/pre-2014*
  • 700ml
  • 1100ml\t
  • BPL FireLite 1100 ml
  • BrassLite 700 ml Ti Mug
  • Esbit PT750-TI
  • Evernew 750 ml Pasta Pot (ECA521)
  • Mountain Laurel Designs 850 ml Ti Pot
  • Snow Peak 700
  • Stoic Ti Kettle 700
  • Ti-Goat 700 ml Ti Mug
  • Ti-Goat 900 ml Ti Pot
  • Ti-Goat 1100 ml Ti Pot
  • Tibetan 700 ml Ti Pot
  • Tibetan 900 ml Ti Pot
  • Tibetan 1100 ml Ti Pot