Evernew Titanium Ultra Light .9L Pot (ECA252)

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This Ultralight ultrastrong titanium uncoated 900ml pot is ideal for solo/small group trips AND nests perfectly into the 1300ml short/wide pots. Insulated handles, graduations stamped into the side and a stuff sack also included.

Note....Evernew is transitioning between the traditional black handles/lettering and the red. Both pots are identical otherwise and both are pictured.

(euro and quarter shown for scale)

This pot is the same product design that won the Backpacker Magazine 2005 and 2010 Editor's Choice Award with a major improvement. Evernew eliminated the non-stick coating and utilized thinner titanium to reduce weight even further! Like most Evernew pots, it is made of the same ultralight, ultrastrong titanium, has graduations on the side for easy measurement, and includes a stuff sack.
  • Rugged and light titanium reduces pack weight
  • Formed and rolled edge provides extra strength
  • Wider/shorter form factor provides for more stability and easier stiring
  • Insulated handles that fold in for compact storage
  • Built in spout for perfect pours every time
  • Graduations stamped into side for easy measurement
  • Soft tyvek-like stuff sack
Min Weight: 109gm / 3.8oz
(bag 15gm / .5oz)

Volume: 900ml / 30.4 fl oz

Coating:  none

Bag Included:  Yes

Material:  Titanium

Dimensions:  13.6cm x 6.4cm (5.35 x 2.52 inches)