Evernew Titanium Sierra Cup FD (EBY152)

$30.95 $33.99

The classic Sierra Cup has been a mainstay of outdoorsmen and Sierra Club members for as long as anybody can remember. Now, Evernew has taken this trail proven essential, discarded the old stainless steel construction, added a folding handle and built it out of ultralight, ultrastrong titanium! This is an ideal product for the backpacker who favors the proven standards, but wants to lighten their pack and reduce pack volume.

  • The large opening, angled sides, and shallow depth make it ideal for heating food or dipping water from a river
  • Folding handle provides a more compact packing solution
  • The original Evernew Handle Stopper safely locks your handle in place
  • Rugged and light titanium reduces pack weight
  • Rolled edge provides extra strength
Min Weight: 64g / 2.3oz

Volume: 300ml

Coating:  none

Bag Included:  No

Material:  Titanium

Dimensions:  11cm x 4.5cm (4.33 x 1.77 inches)