Evernew Titanium 600ml TeaPot (ECA317)

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Just because you are roughing it in the outdoors, doesn't mean you can't make time for tea! To help you bring a tiny bit of civiliation into the backcountry without burdening your pack, Evernew developed this ultralight, ultrastrong titanium tea pot. It's spout has been engineered to make a perfect pour even with the lid in place. The wide, round bottom provides added stability, while the silicone covered handles keep your fingers cool.

Looking for a cook pot to accompany your kettle? You're in luck! This tea pot can nest comfortably into the:

  • 900ml DEEP Evernew pots (ECA187, ECA265, ECA402, or ECA721)...OR
  • the Evernew multi-pot combinations ECA405 or ECA723

NOTE!   Evernew has started calling this pot a "500ml" pot, while still saying it holds 600ml.   No idea what kind of marketing maneuver this is, but you should be aware for full disclosure.

  • Rugged and light titanium reduces pack weigh
  • Rolled edge and wide bottom provides extra strength
  • Insulated handles
  • Handles fold away for easy packing
  • Includes nylon stuff sack
Min Weight: 104g / 3.7oz

Volume: 600ml

Bag Included: Yes

Material: Titanium

Dimensions: 10.5cm x 9.7cm (4.13 x 3.82 inches) (d x h)