Evernew 570ml Ultra Light Titanium Pot/Cup (EBY278R)

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This is Evernew's newest ultralight titanium cook pot/mug. This pot is designed especially for backpackers who need to keep their pack weight as low as possible. Evernew reduced the pot's weight by eliminating the non-stick coating and using a thinner gauge of light weight and durable titanium. It also includes volume measurement lines and small silicone insulation tubes on the handles, and a large surface area for heating efficiency.  With these features it is extremely easy to use and carry.    Total volume is 570 ml.   

This pot does not come standard with a lid however Evernew makes one available ala-carte that you can find here.   Note that the lid is designed to overlap and grip the top "externally" from the outside, which is a bit different from the traditional lids that seat "internally".   Note as well, that the Evernew Companion Cup (EBY265) nests inside perfectly.

  • Light and durable Titanium Construction
  • Partially Insulated Folding Handles
  • Volume measurements in both ml and oz
  • Evernew Companion Cup nests perfectly
  • Optional lid available
Min Weight:
Mug - 1.9oz / 55 grams
Volume: 570ml max

Coating: Uncoated

Bag Included: No

Lid: Optional

Material: Titanium

Dimensions: 4.5" x 2.4" (d x h)