Soto 1100 L Pot


SOTO has taken it to the extreme with its new titanium pots.
Thanks to a special manufacturing process, the wall thickness of the pots can be reduced to 0.3 millimeters and the weight extremely minimized. This is unique in the outdoor sector. The pots are made in Japan.

Weighing just 62g (lid 30g), the Titanium Pot 1100 is the lightest pot of its size on the market.



  • Rugged and light titanium reduces pack weight
  • Formed and rolled edge provides extra strength
  • Wider/shorter form factor provides for more stability and easier stiring
  • Aluminum gripper included
  • Graduations stamped into side for easy measurement


SPECIAL NOTE ON POT LIDS! - Thin wall light weight pots on occasion go "out of round".   This can affect how the lid fits.   We do not consider this a defect.  Just lightly and carefully squeeze the pot back to round and your lid will fit fine.   If this is a showstopper for you, please do not buy the pot.


Min Weight: 110g /3.9oz (includes lid and gripper)


Volume: 1100ml


Frying Pan Lid:  No


Bag Included:  No


Material:  Titanium


Dimensions:    3.29 x 6.38 in