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12-10 Stove

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The 12-10 alcohol stove was specifically designed to perform in the lower oxygen/higher heat environment found inside the Caldera/Ti-Tri cone systems. It is a "center burn" design where air comes in the holes you see along the outside and the flame comes out the larger hole you see on top.

It is made of aluminum up-cycled materials and has no moving parts to wear out or break down. The 12-10 is designed for denatured alcohol only. This is a readily available fuel that can be found in any hardware or paint store and at many backcountry outfitters.

This stove is intended to be used primarilly with the Caldera/Ti-Tri systems, but can used in conjunction with your own pot stand and wind screen as well.

Made in the USA!

  • Tuned to work in all Caldera or Ti-Tri Cones
  • Made out of up-cycled material
  • Integrated primer pan
  • Center burn design
  • Ultralight!  (16 grams)

Primer Pan base width - 3.25"

Stove body width - 2.5"

Stove height - 1.5"

Min Weight: 

16 gm

Material:  Aluminum
Trail Designs - Fuel Bottle Kit & 12-10 Alcohol Stove