This is the pot that comes bundled with your sidewinder!
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Toaks 900ml Pot + Sidewinder Ti-Tri Bundle

  • This Bundle contains the Toaks 900ml pot and the full Sidewinder system including the Ti-Tri titanium cone custom sized to fit in this pot, the titanium GramCracker solid fuel kit, the lightweight aluminum 12-10 stove with integrated primer pan, fuel bottle kit with measuring cup, Tyvek sleeve to protect your pot, and two titanium stakes for wood burning mode.
    Sidewinder + Pot Bundle- $119.95 (See other bundled discounts below)

  • The Inferno accessory turns your Sidewinder into a wood burning gassifier/afterburner. It includes the inverted titanium Inferno Insert and lower grate system.
    Sidewinder Inferno Add-On - $45
    Order with your Sidewinder for only $40!

  • In the interest of facilitating Leave No Trace wood burning practices, Trail Designs offers two styles of titanium floor plates to go under your Ti-Tri systems. The "split floor" is designed to go with the standalone Sidewinder, or the single piece floor is optimized to be used with the Inferno.
    Titanium Floor - $15
    Order with your Sidewinder for only $10!

Made in the USA! 



Finally! Full size Caldera Ti-Tri cone performance that packs in this pot! The Sidewinder comes with the the alcohol and esbit stoves featured in the standard the Caldera Cone, but also allows you to burn wood! No other system gives you this kind of fuel versatility at these weights. In addition, the Sidewinder cone will store in your pot! If you value packability, but DON'T want to sacrifice the efficiency the standard Caldera/Ti-Tri provides by isolating your pot from the enviornment, this is the rig for you.  This Sidewinder comes with the Toaks 900ml titanium pot!

The Sidewinder system includes everything pictured including the Toaks 900ml pot, Ti-Tri titanium cone custom sized to fit the pot, the titanium GramCracker solid fuel kit, the lightweight aluminum 12-10 stove with integrated primer pan, fuel bottle kit with measuring cup, Tyvek sleeve to protect your pot, and two titanium stakes for wood burning mode.

The Caldera Ti-Tri Sidewinder is designed to be an alcohol and esbit cooking system that will support wood fires. If you would like to kick your wood fire capabilities up to the next level, you might want to consider adding the Inferno insert  pictured above.  The Inferno Insert and grate system, when used in conjunction with the  Sidewinder facilitates better air flow and a much cleaner, more complete incineration for your wood fire. In addition to the lower grate system providing air flow under your fire, it also directs additional fresh air above your fire providing an "afterburner" effect giving you more complete combustion.... and like the Ti-Tri Sidewinder....everything fits in the pot!

In the interest of facilitating Leave No Trace practices, Trail Designs also offers two styles of titanium floor plates to go under your Ti-Tri systems in wood burning mode to help prevent scorching of the ground.


  • Toaks 900ml Titanium Pot
  • Titanium Ti-Tri Cone sized to fit INSIDE your pot perfectly
  • Titanium Gram Cracker solid fuel/esbit stove kit
  • 2 titanium stakes for wood burning mode
  • Aluminum 12-10 alcohol stove with integrated primer pan made from recycled material
  • Fuel bottle kit with measuring cup
  • Tyvek sleeves to hold your system and protect your pot
  • Optional Inferno upgrade to turn your Ti-Tri into an afterburning blowtorch
  • Optional titanium floor to protect the ground in wood burning mode


Each system is hand crafted to fit the specific pot perfectly.

Min Weight: 

Sidewinder Cone - 35gm

Inferno Cone - 21gm

Grates - 17gm

Floors - 15gm




Issue 1 - Mar/Apr 2012
Review of the Trail Designs Ti-Tri Sidewinder

"...a well crafted reliable product that has few, if any'll be hard pressed to find a better alcohol stove system, and we feel you'll be satisfied if you choose the (Ti-Tri) Sidewinder system for your cooking needs."
     Review - page 45

gearguide August 2011 - TGO Magazine
Cooking Systems for Lightweight Backpacking - Chris Townsend
TGO - Best Buy
TGO - Recommended

"Caldera Cone stove systems have been my favourites for several years now.   This model (Sidewinder) is the one I used on the Pacific Northwest Trail Last summer......"

Intro - Page 98

Review - Page 101

gearguide Summer 2011 - Women's Adventure
Camping Stoves - Gear Review

"....Caldera’s cone captures and maximizes heat from three potential sources: wood, alcohol, and esbit (a solid fuel tablet)......this versatile system (Sidewinder) requires much less fuel than petroleum-based systems so it’s more weight-efficient for backpacking.."
     Online review here

 January 2011 - TGO
75 Days of Testing - Chris Townsend's Pacific Northwest Trail Gear Report

"The (Sidewinder) Inferno stove was one of the great successes of the walk as I really enjoyed using it."
     Original article - Page 85

"In case you haven’t noticed, I love this system! Like I said, I can stop looking. The only complicating factor is deciding which fuel to leave, if any. Writing this post was really useful for me to think about how I can be more efficient. "
Alan Gunn reviews the EV600 Sidewinder on VeloDirt


"Just wanted to send you a little praise. Tried out my new sidewinder this weekend and its freaking awesome! That inferno insert is genius! The whole thing is a work of art. I've never felt compelled to just email such love for a product but I gotta say, this is just great! Keep up the good work."
Drew Fortson in an 11/9/11 email to Trail Designs

"I recently got a CC Sidewinder stove W/ the Inferno woodburning option & a 3 cup pot.  This sucker REALLY cooks fast with the ESBIT Gram Cracker tab holder or the Inferno wood burning kit. All I need is two hands full of twigs and some tinder to cook for 20 minutes."
300winmag's WhiteBlaze post - 4/22/11

"The Inferno Sidewinder cooking system is ingenious in its simplicity and delivers outstanding results in an incredibly short period of time.  My previous cooking systems (MSR pocket rocket & whisperlite) will never again leave my equipment cache; however, my Inferno system will go everywhere with me...."
John Silva - After a winter SAR trip to 7000' in the Sierras 3/16/11

"The TD guys have packed a lot of functionality into a compact package. (The Sidewinder) completely rocks in the inferno wood burning configuration!"
    JD (Mustardman's) evaluation of the Sidewinder on BPL

"The extremely effective and efficient....This is definitely a very commendable lightweight solution to trail cooking with the now attendant advantage of superb and simple packability."
     fenlander's blog - 9/26/10


"I have now had more time to use it further and have to say this is an awesome piece of kit. Its simplicity is such that it can't not be used correctly with excellent results..... I have very quickly come to relish the ease of assembly, lack of 'faff' and repeatability of results. It is a sturdy and well-engineered unit....."
     fenlander's blog - 10/5/10

 "I have been using this cook system for the last few months, and it is by far the best offering that the folks at Trail Designs has yet come up with. Trail Designs has been hard at work, and the effort shows through in this product..... Frankly, I would give this a 10 out of 5 if it were in my power. I can only really try to compare it to the BushBuddy Ultra (the only other wood-burning stove I've tried), and well, there's no comparison....."
   Lynn Tramper's evaluation of the Sidewinder on BPL

Compatible Pots

 This bundle is only compatible with the Toaks 900ml pot