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Classic Ti-Tri

  • The Ti-Tri system includes the titanium cone custom sized to fit your pot, the titanium GramCracker solid fuel kit, the lightweight aluminum 12-10 stove with integrated primer pan, fuel bottle kit with measuring cup, Caldera Caddy to protect and store your gear PLUS act as a mug and bowl, and two titanium stakes for wood burning mode.
    Ti-Tri System - $79.95 (See bundled discounts below)

  • The Inferno accessory turns your Ti-Tri into a wood burning gassifier/afterburner. It includes the inverted titanium Inferno Insert and lower grate system.
    Ti-Tri Inferno Add-On - $45
    Order with your Ti-Tri for only $40!

  • In the interest of facilitating Leave No Trace wood burning practices, Trail Designs offers two styles of titanium floor plates to go under your Ti-Tri systems. The "split floor" is designed to go with the standalone Ti-Tri, or the single piece floor is optimized to be used with the Inferno.
    Titanium Floor - $15
    Order with your Ti-Tri for only $10!
  • Add a Simmer Ring to further expand your cooking options!
  • Save 20% off ANY compatible pot when you buy this system! (pot not included)


Made in the USA! 


Our cone systems are fitted to specific cookware. Select the pot or mug that you plan to use with your stove.


The complete system comes with the the alcohol and esbit stoves featured in the standard the Caldera Cone, but also allows you to burn wood! No other system gives you this kind of fuel versatility at these weights. The Ti-Tri system includes the Ti-Tri titanium cone custom sized to fit your pot, the titanium GramCracker solid fuel kit, the lightweight aluminum 12-10 stove with integrated primer pan, fuel bottle kit with measuring cup, Caldera Caddy to store and protect your gear PLUS double as a mug and bowl, and two titanium stakes for wood burning mode. (pot not included)

The Caldera Ti-Tri is designed to be an alcohol and esbit cooking system that will support wood fires. If you would like to kick your wood fire capabilities up to the next level, you might want to consider adding the Inferno insert .  The Inferno Insert and grate system, when used in conjunction with the Ti-Tri facilitates better air flow and a much cleaner, more complete incineration for your wood fire. In addition to the lower grate system providing air flow under your fire, it also directs additional fresh air above your fire providing an "afterburner" effect giving you more complete combustion.

In the interest of facilitating Leave No Trace practices, Trail Designs also offers two styles of titanium floor plates to go under your Ti-Tri systems in wood burning mode to help prevent scorching of the ground.


  • Titanium Ti-Tri Cone sized to fit your pot perfectly
  • Titanium Gram Cracker solid fuel/esbit stove kit
  • 2 titanium stakes for wood burning mode
  • Aluminum 12-10 alcohol stove with integrated primer pan made from recycled material
  • Fuel bottle kit with measuring cup
  • Caldera Caddy to store/protect everything AND double as a mug/bowl
  • Optional Inferno upgrade to turn your Ti-Tri into an afterburning blowtorch
  • Optional titanium floor to protect the ground in wood burning mode


Dimensions and weight vary depending on what size pot is being used.
Each system is hand crafted to fit your specific pot perfectly.

Min Weight: 

Ti-Tri Cone - 27 g to 69 g

Inferno Cone - 11 g to 35 g

Grates - 10 g to 33 g

Floors - 9 g to 40 g




April 2011 - Opdag Verden Magazine (Danish)
Equipment Testing - Ultralight Innovation
Volcano From Yosemite!

"One can find many burners that can cook a half liter of water in three minutes but this is the coolest that weighs 63 grams and folds smaller than a coke bottle.  Trail Designs own thumping Caldera brand is more fun.... and more modern than anything on the market and we love it already."
     Review - Page 52 (article in Danish)

gearguide August 2011 - TGO Magazine
Cooking Systems for Lightweight Backpacking - Chris Townsend
TGO - Best Buy
TGO - Recommended

"Caldera Cone stove systems have been my favourites for several years now.   This model is the one I used on the Pacific Northwest Trail Last summer......"

Intro - Page 98

Review - Page 101

gearguide Summer 2011 - Women's Adventure
Camping Stoves - Gear Review

"....Caldera’s cone captures and maximizes heat from three potential sources: wood, alcohol, and esbit (a solid fuel tablet)......this versatile system requires much less fuel than petroleum-based systems so it’s more weight-efficient for backpacking.."
     Online review here

gearguide January 2011 - TGO
75 Days of Testing - Chris Townsend's Pacific Northwest Trail Gear Report

"The Caldera Ti-Tri Inferno stove was one of the great successes of the walk as I really enjoyed using it."
     Original article - Page 85

gearguide August 2010 - TGO
Planning a hike on the Pacific Northwest Trail - Chris Townsend

"I've been impressed with the Caldera Cone stove unit in recent years.... However wood will be the easiest fuel to find for most of the walk so a wood-burning stove would be a good idea. As there may be places with no sticks and for when rain makes a wood stove impractical I've decided on a Caldera Ti-Tri Inferno...."

Original article - pages 74-75
Original article - page 76

December 2008 - TGO Magazine
On Test - Wood Burning Stoves

"While not designed primarily as a wood stove, the Ti-Tri works pretty well with a fire inside. The cone does the same windshield, chimney and pot support job as with a meths burner. The weight is very low and the cone is more flexible and easier to use than the standard version. One could say that this is the luxury Caldera Cone."

Original article - pages 107-110 900 K (PDF file)

"....I absolutely loved the weight and efficiency of my Ti-Tri...."
    Ray Estrella's Backpack Gear Test Review

"The CC TT Inferno is the most stable of the wood burners I've tried."
    Carol Corbridge on Boomer's Lightweight Backpacking Blog - 8/18/09

"Caldera Cone - It's just a genius design with the pot stand being the wind shield. Very stable, very efficient and cool looking too. I have three of these now: the Keg-H, the standard cone for the SP900 and a ti-tri with inferno for the MSR Titan.."
    Thomas Gauperaa on BPL's Editor's Roundtable Forum - 1/17/10

"Finally settled on a Caldera cone alcohol/esbit/wood stove. Absolutely fabulous. Probably the single best gear upgrade last year. Very light and completely silent cooking."
    Todd Obrien on the Yahoo BackpackingLight Group - 12/28/09

"I did just get a Caldera Cone Ti-Tri to start using on solo trips and it made a convert out of me on the first night."
    Ray Estrella on the BPL GSpot Forum - 12/17/09

"....this is perhaps the optimum solution when wood is available but you would like to carry fuel as a back up."
    Roger Brown review of a ULC Ti-Tri Inferno on his blog - 11/22/09

"[The Trail Designs Ti-Tri] stove system has my highest recommendation. With a little user input it is pretty close to perfect....."
     Jason Smith on BPL Reader Reviews - 2/19/08

"....once I discovered and started using the Trail Designs Caldera Cone systems, I found that I am using the Bushbuddy less and less. The Trail Designs system has an integrated windscreen and performs better in breezy conditions, is lighter in weight, and is designed to burn alcohol. Also, the Trail Designs system allows me to lay tinder and kindling for my fire, and then light the fire from the side. This makes starting a fire much easier. So, I don't use the Bushbuddy much anymore. Not because it is a bad stove, but because I simply like the Trail Designs Ti-Tri Caldera Cone better."
     Kai Larson Review - 12/23/08

"I have been using a 2 litre version of the Ti-Tri since Xmas. I am awed by it's efficiency and versatility, and have used it with Esbit, wood, .....but this weekend I used it for something different...something that I couldn't achieve with a BushBuddy..... ....after dinner it was getting pretty cold, and there was tons of very dry firewood all over the place. So I fired up the Ti-Tri and we all sat around this little blazing inferno. It threw out enough heat to keep us cozy and chatting for a couple of hours. It was amazing how much fuel you could load into it in one go, and we took turns tossing in the next piece of wood. We could also pitch in wood of a much greater diameter and length than anything the BushBuddy could handle. All this contained within a 2oz tiny circle of focused heat. Hats off to the designers of this mighty stove/space heater!
     "Lynn Tramper" on BPL GSpot Forum - 3/30/09

2008 Backpacking Light Staff Picks

"When the Caldera Cone appeared, I was excited and impressed..... The Ti-Tri system is even better...."
Chris's Ti-Tri Review

Chris Townsend
BPL Senior Gear Editor
2008 Backpacking Light Staff Picks

Compatible Pots

All Compatible Pots: 
  • Mountain Laurel Designs 475 ml Ti Pot
  • AlpKit MyTiMug *post-2008/pre-2014*
  • AlpKit MyTiMug *pre-2008*
  • Alpkit MytiMug 650
  • Alpkit MytiPot (1350ml)
  • Alpkit MytiPot (900ml)
  • AlpKit MyTiStax
  • Anti-Gravity Gear 2Qt Pot
  • Anti-Gravity Gear 3 Cup Pot
  • 1100ml
  • 1650ml
  • 700 ml
  • Backpacking Lite 475 ml Trapper Mug
  • BPL FireLite 1100 ml
  • BPL FireLite 1300 ml
  • BPL FireLite 500 (handles - pre 2010)
  • BPL FireLite 550 ml (post 2010)
  • BPL FireLite 550 ml Mugs (pre 2010)
  • BPL FireLite 900 ml (post 2010)
  • BPL FireLite 900 ml (pre 2010)
  • BPL FireLite SUL-500 (no handles - pre 2010)
  • BrassLite 550 ml Ti Mug
  • BrassLite 600 ml Ti Mug
  • BrassLite 700 ml Ti Mug
  • BrassLite 900 ml Ti Pot
  • Brunton IB AL Pot Set
  • Esbit PT750-TI
  • Evernew .9 L Short Ti Pot (ECA252, ECA417, ECA422, ECA726)
  • Evernew .9 L Tall Ti Pot (ECA721, ECA265, ECA402)
  • Evernew 1.0 L Pasta Pot (ECA522)
  • Evernew 1.3 L Pot (ECA253, ECA418, ECA423)
  • Evernew 1.4 L Pot (ECA403)
  • Evernew 1.9L Deep Ti Pot (ECA404)
  • Evernew 1.9L Short Ti Pot (ECA424, ECA419)
  • Evernew 400 ml Ti Mug (ECA348, ECA355, ECA337)
  • Evernew 400ml Companion Cup (EBY-265)
  • Evernew 500 ml Ti Mug Pot (ECA266)
  • Evernew 600 ml Short Ti Pot (ECA251, ECA421)
  • Evernew 640 ml Tall Ti Pot (ECA264, ECA401)
  • Evernew 750 ml Al Pot (ECA183)
  • Evernew 750 ml Pasta Pot (ECA521)
  • Evernew 750/400 ml Stacking Set (ECA278)
  • Evernew 900 ml Ti Mug Pot (ECA267)
  • GSI Glacier Stainless Cup/Pot (500ml)
  • GSI Halulite Microdualist
  • GSI Pinnacle Dualist Al Pot
  • GSI Pinnacle Soloist Al Pot
  • K-Mart Grease Pot
  • LiteTrail 550ml Ti Cookpot
  • LiteTrail 900ml Ti Cookpot
  • Mountain Laurel Designs 850 ml Ti Pot
  • MSR .85 (OLD DESIGN)
  • MSR .85 L Titan Kettle
  • MSR 0.4 L Titanium Mug
  • MSR 1.0 L Titan Pot
  • MSR 1.5 L Titan Pot
  • My Solo 900
  • Open Country 2 quart hard anodized (no handle)
  • Open Country 2 quart non-stick (no handle)
  • Open Country 3 cup hard anodized
  • Open Country 3 cup non-stick
  • Optimus Terra Solo Cook Set
  • REI Ti Ware .9 L Ti Pot
  • REI Ti Ware 1.3 L Ti Pot
  • REI Ti Ware 1L Pasta Pot
  • REI Ti Ware Stacking Set
  • Ruta Locura 450
  • Ruta Locura 550
  • Snow Peak 1400
  • Snow Peak 450
  • Snow Peak 600
  • Snow Peak 700
  • Snow Peak 900
  • Snow Peak Bowl
  • Snow Peak Cook-n-Save
  • Snow Peak Hybrid Summit
  • Snow Peak Hybrid Trail
  • Snow Peak Mini Solo Ti Set
  • Snow Peak Multi Compact Cookset (large pot)
  • Snow Peak Multi Compact Cookset (small pot)
  • Stoic Ti 1.6L
  • Stoic Ti Kettle 700
  • Ti-Goat 1100 ml Ti Pot
  • Ti-Goat 550 ml Ti Mug
  • Ti-Goat 700 ml Ti Mug
  • Ti-Goat 900 ml Ti Pot
  • Tibetan 1100 ml Ti Pot
  • Tibetan 1300 ml Ti Pot
  • Tibetan 550 ml Ti Mug
  • Tibetan 700 ml Ti Pot
  • Tibetan 900 ml Ti Pot
  • Toaks 1000
  • Toaks 1100 (w/ Frying Pan Lid)
  • Toaks 1100 Mug/Pot
  • Toaks 1350 (UL and Regular)
  • Toaks 550
  • Toaks 600ml Pot
  • Toaks 750 (handles)
  • Toaks 850
  • Toaks 850/380 Nesting Set
  • Toaks 900 (115mm Mug)
  • Toaks 900 (130mm Pot)
  • Toaks Light Mug (650ml)
  • Toaks Light Pot (700ml)
  • Trangia 1L/27 Al Pot
  • Trangia Mini/28 Al Pot
  • Vargo .9 L (short/wide/handleless) Ti Pot
  • Vargo 1.3 L Ti Pot (Post 2012 - with handle)
  • Vargo 1.3 L Ti Pot (Pre 2012 - no handle)
  • Vargo 450ml
  • Vargo 750 ml Sierra Cup
  • Vargo 750ml Ti-Lite
  • Vargo 900ml Ti-Lite Mug
  • Vargo BOT (0.7Liter)
  • Vargo BOT (1 Liter)