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This revolutionary approach to esbit and alcohol stove cookery has quickly become the gold standard for ultralight backpackers....and is now in titanium! For those new to the Caldera Cone System there is plenty of information in the tabs below.

In summary, the Caldera System includes the cone specifically sized to fit your pot and provide maximum heat transfer, stability and wind protection.  It includes a custom tuned stove with integrated primer pan, fuel bottle, measuring cup and the Caldera Caddy to protect all the pieces and double as a mug and bowl! (pot not included, cone does not pack inside the pot)

The 12-10 alcohol stove we believe is the optimal stove for this cone setup and is included in this bundle.   However we do have the Kojin stove which was designed with a lid and to pack in the smaller sidewinder pots while avoiding the stake requirement to prop the pot up higher.   If you would prefer this stove, that pulldown option is available.  But we recommend at least getting both.   If you like that idea, we will provide it for you at 20% off!   (also in the pulldown)

Don't forget to add a Simmer Ring to expand your cooking options!

Save 10% off ANY compatible pot when you buy this system!

  • NOTE!  With all our cone products, heat vents out around the handle cutout.   This has been known to disfigure the start of the coating on insulated handles.   If this is a concern, please do not buy a pot with handle insulation near the pot body.

Made in the USA!

This is a revolutionary approach to esbit and alcohol stove cookery. Trail Designs has developed a cone and stove system that is tuned to specific pots to create the most efficient esbit and alcohol stove system in the known universe.

By completely enclosing the pot and stove within the Caldera Cone, and fine tuning the alcohol stove (included...Gram Cracker esbit stove optional) to work in that environment, we are now able to milk every last BTU out of your fuel and funnel it onto all sides of your pot. Not only does the cone system optimize your fuel usage, we also eliminate the need for a pot stand by supporting the pot from the top of the cone.....and its wide base provides the most stable system on the market. And if that weren't enough, by totally enclosing the pot and stove, nothing performs better in the wind. Period. The Caldera Cone unfolds to pack flat or you can roll it up for easy storage.

The Caldera Cone features a bomb-proof dovetail closure mechanism, venting that is biased to one side so you can block the wind better, and is made of light weight aluminum. The Caldera System includes the cone sized to fit your pot, custom tuned stove with integrated primer pan, fuel bottle, measuring cup and the new Caldera Caddy to protect all the pieces and double as a mug and bowl! (pot not included)


  • Caldera Cone sized to fit your pot perfectly
  • 12-10 alcohol stove with integrated primer pan included
  • Fuel bottle kit with measuring cup included
  • Caldera Caddy included to store/protect everything AND double as a mug/bowl
  • Pot not included

Dimensions and weight of the cone vary depending on what size pot is being used. Each cone is hand crafted to fit your specific pot perfectly.

Min Weight:

  • Caldera Cone - 28gm to 78gm
  • 12-10 Stove - 16gm
  • Fuel Bottle - 20gm

Material: Titanium

Spring 2014 - TGO
The Backpacking Issue - Special Edition

From the Experts - 5 key items of kit -Keith Foskett
"One item that has stayed with me for nearly 5 years is my Trail Designs Caldera Cone": Page 42

Cooking On The Move - How to choose your stove

  • Cover Shot of Caldera Cone in action: Pages 88 and 89
  • Meths - " favourite by far is the Trail Designs Caldera Cone": Page 90

Winter 2013 - Backpack Magazine
Caldera Cone Gear Review - Ted Smiley

"In use on the trip I was very impressed with the performance in all weathers.....It will be my cooker of choice on future trips."   
     Review: Page 15

The Last Englishmen
Hiking 2,650 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail
by Keith Foskett

"There was one piece of gear I didn't want to compromise on and that was a stove. Trail Designs' Caldera Cone System is fantastic. It is beautifully simple, light, efficient, well-constructed and bulletproof."
Page 313 - available now at Create Space

Ultralight Backpackin' Tips
Written and Illustrated by Mike Clelland!

"Another system for maximizing efficiency is the amazing Caldera Cone system......Highly recommended."
Scan of relevant area on Page 99

April 2011 - Opdag Verden Magazine (Danish)
Equipment Testing - Ultralight Innovation
Volcano From Yosemite!

"One can find many burners that can cook a half liter of water in three minutes but this is the coolest that weighs 63 grams and folds smaller than a coke bottle.  Trail Designs own thumping Caldera brand is more fun.... and more modern than anything on the market and we

Original article - page 52

April 2010 - Trail Magazine 2010 Gear Guide

"Caldera Cone and Stove - 4 stars - Add on a dedicated kettle and this is perfect for super light backpacking."

Original article - page 109 700K

July 2008 - Trail Magazine - Stoves - The Finalists - Best for Lightweight

Trail Designs Caldera Cone Stove
"This is a remarkable product. It's based around a tiny meths stove that weighs only 16g.....(and) the addition of the Caldera Cone transforms the performance by acting as a windshield, supporting the pan and funnelling the heat to the base of it......The whole cook set (with MSR Kettle) weighs in at 180g which is lighter than most burners! It's neat and compact too making it ideal for ultralight backpacking."

Original article - page 78 83 K

April 2008 - TGO Magazine
Article by Cameron McNeish - Five Favourite Things

Caldera Cone Stove
"Another relative newcomer to my gear shed but I wonder how I managed without it for so many years. This super-duper lightweight meths stove is the modern equivalent of my old, and much-cherished, Trangia stove."

Original article - page 81 250 K

December 2007 - Sea Kayaker Magazine
Ultralight Camp Stove

"The Caldera Cone Stove System from Trail Designs is an ultralight, fuel-efficient alcohol stove system. It is stable, wind resistant and weighs less than two ounces.....The Caldera Cone fits most popular titanium pots and mugs and functions as a combined pot stand, windscreen and heat exchanger. It is easy to disassemble and pack."

Original article - page 54 321 K

july 07 TGO
July 2007 - TGO Magazine
Chris Townsend review - TGO Best Buy

"I'm impressed with the Caldera Cone Stove system. It's easy to use, efficient in cold and windy weather and ultralight. I'll certainly be using it in the future. I recon it's the best meths stove around at present."

Original article - page 104 411K

Trail Designs - Caldera Cone Cooking System

Special Notes

If you have one of the following pots, please read the related notes.

MSR Kettle Alert

Alpkit MyTiMug Alert

K-Mart Grease Pot Alert

BPL Firelite Alert

The following pots are compatible with the original Caldera Cone:

Compatible Pots List

  • AlpKit MyTiMug *pre-2008*
  • AlpKit MyTiMug *post-2008/pre-2014*
  • AlpKit MyTiMug 650
  • Alpkit MytiPot (900ml old version)
  • Alpkit MytiPot (1350ml)
  • AlpKit MyTiStax
  • Anti-Gravity Gear 3 Cup Pot
  • Anti-Gravity Gear 2Qt Pot
  • 700 ml
  • 1100ml\t
  • 1650ml
  • Backpacking Lite 475 ml Trapper Mug
  • BPL FireLite 500 (handles - pre 2010)
  • BPL FireLite SUL-500 (no handles - pre 2010)
  • BPL FireLite 550 ml Mugs (pre 2010)
  • BPL FireLite 550 ml (post 2010)
  • BPL FireLite 900 ml (pre 2010)
  • BPL FireLite 900 ml (post 2010)
  • BPL FireLite 1100 ml
  • BPL FireLite 1300 ml
  • BrassLite 550 ml Ti Mug
  • BrassLite 600 ml Ti Mug
  • BrassLite 700 ml Ti Mug
  • BrassLite 900 ml Ti Pot
  • Brunton IB AL Pot Set
  • Esbit PT750-TI
  • Evernew 400 ml Ti Mug (ECA348 - ECA355 - ECA337)
  • Evernew 400ml Companion Cup (EBY-265)
  • Evernew 500 ml Ti Mug Pot (ECA266)
  • Evernew 570ml TI Pot/Cup (EBY278R)
  • Evernew 600 ml Short Ti Pot (ECA251 - ECA421)
  • Evernew 640 ml Tall Ti Pot (ECA264 - ECA401)
  • Evernew 700 ml Short AL Pot (ECA149)
  • Evernew 750/400 ml Stacking Set (ECA278)
  • Evernew 750 ml Al Pot (ECA183)
  • Evernew 760 ml Ti Pot/Mug (EBY270R)
  • Evernew 900 ml Ti Mug Pot (ECA267)
  • Evernew .9 L Short Ti Pot (ECA252 - ECA417 - ECA422 - ECA726)
  • Evernew .9 L Tall Ti Pot (ECA721 - ECA265 - ECA402)
  • Evernew 750 ml Pasta Pot (ECA521)
  • Evernew 1.0 L Pasta Pot (ECA522)
  • Evernew 1.3 L Pot (ECA253 - ECA418 - ECA423)
  • Evernew 1.4 L Pot (ECA403)
  • Evernew 1.9L Deep Ti Pot (ECA404)
  • Evernew 1.9L Short Ti Pot (ECA424 - ECA419)
  • GSI Halulite Microdualist
  • GSI Halulite 1.1L Boiler
  • GSI Pinnacle Soloist Al Pot
  • GSI Pinnacle Dualist Al Pot
  • GSI Glacier Stainless Cup/Pot (500ml)
  • K-Mart Grease Pot
  • Keith 650ml Ti3208
  • Keith 3pc Set Ti6014
  • Keith 2pc Set Ti6051
  • LiteTrail 550ml Ti Cookpot
  • LiteTrail 900ml Ti Cookpot
  • Mountain Laurel Designs 475 ml Ti Pot
  • Mountain Laurel Designs 850 ml Ti Pot
  • Mountain Laurel Designs 950 ml Ti Pot
  • MSR 0.4 L Titanium Mug
  • MSR .85 L Titan Kettle
  • MSR .85 (OLD DESIGN)
  • MSR 1.0 L Titan Pot
  • MSR 1.5 L Titan Pot
  • My Solo Titanium 900
  • Olicamp Space Saver Mug (20+fl.oz. aluminum)
  • Open Country 3 cup non-stick
  • Open Country 3 cup hard anodized
  • Open Country 2 quart non-stick (no handle)
  • Open Country 2 quart hard anodized (no handle)
  • Optimus Terra Solo Cook Set
  • REI Ti Ware .9 L Ti Pot
  • REI Ti Ware 1L Pasta Pot
  • REI Ti Ware 1.3 L Ti Pot
  • REI Ti Ware Stacking Set
  • Ruta Locura 450
  • Ruta Locura 550
  • Snow Peak 450
  • Snow Peak 600
  • Snow Peak 700 Trek
  • Snow Peak 900 Trek
  • Snow Peak 1400 Trek
  • Snow Peak Bowl
  • Snow Peak Mini Solo Ti Set (NOT 2.0)
  • Snow Peak Mini Solo Ti Set 2.0
  • Snow Peak Hybrid Summit
  • Snow Peak Hybrid Trail
  • Snow Peak Cook-n-Save
  • Snow Peak Multi Compact Cookset (large titanium pot)
  • Snow Peak Multi Compact Cookset (small titanium pot)
  • Stoic Ti Kettle 700
  • Stoic Ti 1.6L
  • Ti-Goat 550 ml Ti Mug
  • Ti-Goat 700 ml Ti Mug
  • Ti-Goat 900 ml Ti Pot
  • Ti-Goat 1100 ml Ti Pot
  • Tibetan 550 ml Ti Mug
  • Tibetan 700 ml Ti Pot
  • Tibetan 900 ml Ti Pot
  • Tibetan 1100 ml Ti Pot
  • Tibetan 1300 ml Ti Pot
  • Toaks 450
  • Toaks 550
  • Toaks 600ml Pot
  • Toaks Light Mug (650ml - Kojin Only)
  • Toaks Light Pot (700ml)
  • Toaks 750 (handles-no bale)
  • Toaks 750 (NO handles)
  • Toaks 850
  • Toaks 850/380 Nesting Set
  • Toaks 900 (115mm Pot)
  • Toaks 900 (130mm Pot)
  • Toaks 1000
  • Toaks 1100 (w/ Frying Pan Lid)
  • Toaks 1100 Mug/Pot
  • Toaks 1300 No Bale (Kojin/Esbit Only)
  • Toaks 1350 (UL and Regular)
  • Trangia 1L/27 Al Pot
  • Trangia Mini/28 Al Pot
  • Vargo .9 L (short/wide/handleless) Ti Pot
  • Vargo 1.3 L Ti Pot (Post 2012 - with handle)
  • Vargo 1.3 L Ti Pot (Pre 2012 - no handle)
  • Vargo 450ml
  • Vargo 750 ml Sierra Cup
  • Vargo 750ml Ti-Lite
  • Vargo 900ml Ti-Lite Mug
  • Vargo BOT (0.7Liter)
  • Vargo BOT (1.0L - NOT HD)
  • Vargo BOT HD 1L