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Gear List for Winter PCT Hike (pdf)

Winter PCT Traverse Completed—  3/2/15

A Tale of Two Trips – Recap of the First Winter PCT Traverse - 3/11/15

VIDEO/AUDIO Interviews

Is This The World's Most Dangerous Hike?

If you can only watch one video, this is it!   Highly produced, fantastic summary of Justin and Shawn's adventure!

Part of the "This Happened Here" series by Seeker Stories

Dining on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) with Trauma

Excellent interview of Trauma by Michelle Shea going over his food and stove options during the winter traverse of the PCT. 


Through Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail In Winter—  Justin Lichter & Shawn Forry

Post hike audio interview with Justin and Shawn.  Wide ranging 11 minute interview with Boyd Matson.

Mar 23, 2015

Winter PCT thru-hike update with Justin Lichter and Shawn Forry

During hike video comments with both Justin and Shawn near the end in Idyllwild CA. 

Feb 24, 2015—  Idyllwild CA
180 miles to go

First Hikers To Complete PCT In Winter

Post hike video interview with Justin Lichter discussing impact of winter on trip planning and execution.

Mar 18, 2015—  Trukee CA

ThInK outsidE outdoor class student interview

During hike interview with both Justin and Shawn.  Questions generated by 5th to 8th graders.

Feb 11, 2015—  Tehachapi CA
550 miles to go

Surviving The Pacific Crest Trail In Winter

KUNR Reno Public Radio's Anh Gray does a post hike interview with Justin and Shawn with emphasis on gear.

Mar 18, 2015—  Reno NV

Winter through hikers finish PCT

GREAT footage by Reno Gazette Journal's Jason Bean & Benjamin Spillman of Shawn and Justin's arrival at the PCT southern terminus. 

Mar 1, 2015—  Campo CA

Hikers Make History On Pacific Crest Trail

Here & Now Contributors Network, Tom Banse talks with Justin and Shawn following their hike.

Mar 3, 2015

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Trauma and Pepper's selfie from the terminus

Shawn and Justin break the sad news we all were afraid to hear.  They will not yo-yo. 

Mar 1, 2015—  Campo CA

Debate: Is PCT winter hike 'asking for a death sentence'?

"This guy is asking for a death sentence," Tibbits said. "I simply don't have the faith he is going to have a safe and successful venture. If we have even a normal winter he is going to have trouble."

Meet the two guys that are on a winter thru-hike of the PCT

"Shawn Forry and Justin Lichter are doing a winter thru-hike on the PCT this year. As you read this they are nearing Lake Tahoe, making their way towards Mexico. They’ve walked so far that the metal on their snowshoes is wearing thin. Soon, they’ll switch to skis."

— Jack "Found" Haskel

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail like no one before

"What Shawn Forry and Justin Lichter are doing is unheard of. Forry, 33 and Lichter, 34, are hiking the PCT from north to south, and they’re doing it during the coldest months of the year. They started at the Canadian border in late October and expect to make it to the Mexican border around March 1. No other hikers are known to have accomplished this before."

— Katherine Davis-Young

Interview with the two guys that are nearing then end of a remarkable winter thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail

"Justin Lichter and Shawn Forry are 180 miles from the Mexican border and the completion of their remarkable winter thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. They started in October and have been snowshoeing, skiing and hiking ever since."

— Jack "Found" Haskel

Winter thru-hike of the PTC

Two gentlemen this year are attempting a thru-hike during the winter months. Some might say they are crazy but if they complete the hike it will be a monumental achievement. To date, their is no data that suggests that anybody has ever tried to thru-hike the PCT in the winter months.

— Adam Keeney

Forry and Lichter Take on the High Sierra in Winter

The high Sierra may be one of the most challenging portions of their journey due to the inaccessibility of the entire stretch, making it difficult to obtain provisions and for assistance in the case of an emergency. This may be the only winter attempt of this stretch of high Sierra.

Hiking 2,650 miles on Pacific Crest Trail too easy? Try it in winter

"We've been thinking about this trip for five years," said Lichter, 34, of Truckee, during a recent interview.

"If it is a weak winter it increases our odds," added Forry, 33, of Midpines, Calif. "But it also takes a little away from it."

NPR NW News Network's Tom Banse did an article half way through the trip that was picked up by a few NPR outlets.   Below are links to that article

About 2 months into the hike, Justin and Shawn did an interview during a few "zero days" in Truckee.   This story ran in a few different outlets.   Click on the links below to read the interview.

Sponsor Kudos

Trail Designs congratulates Forry and Lichter on Winter Traverse of the PCT!

"The Trail Designs stoves are so efficient we were able to use them on the entire winter traverse of the Pacific Crest Trail! In fact it was great to have the versatility of the stove in case we decided to start using it as a twiggy stove too."

FITS Ambassador Completes Historic Trek

"What started as just a lofty dream five years ago is now another notch on Lichter’s belt of ultra-hiking accomplishments. FITS® is proud to support inspiring athletes such as Justin and we commend him on this historic accomplishment."

Miles in Merino

“Often the trail tread will be buried under 15 feet of snow. Gear is a very important part of their travels – not only does it have to be lightweight for backpacking, but it also has to perform well.  Icebreaker is stoked that we were able to outfit Justin in merino baselayers.”

Lichter and Forry Complete First Winter Thru-Hike on the Pacific Crest Trail

"… with over 55,000 miles of trail experience between them, Lichter and Forry were able to meet the conditions with safety and confidence. Detailed packing and preparation also played a major role in the safety of their trek, and Lichter and Forry are pros at packing the best ultralight gear. On the trail, Lichter and Forry carried various Granite Gear backpacks and stuff sacks.

All pictures taken on the trail courtesy of
Justin Lichter and Shawn Forry