Caldera Keg-F Stove System


You can stop looking now!! The Caldera Keg is the lightest, most stable, wind resistant, and efficient cooking system you can buy. There is a good chance that the pot/stove/cone combination weighs less than your watch!

With the reinforced beer can pot, 16 gram stove and a cone system that captures and funnels the heat to all sides of the pot, you're going to be hard pressed to beat this solution for both weight, and efficiency!

Add a Simmer Ring to further expand your cooking options!

Made in the USA! 

The heart of the Caldera Keg System is the popular Caldera Cone that delivers stability, wind resistance, pot support and the best heat transfer you are going to find in a windscreen. The Caldera Keg pot seeks to minimize the impact on the planet by reusing discarded beverage containers for the pot and lid. On the lip of the Keg we have included a silicon band to help protect you from the hot edge and a second larger band for non-formed cans. We also include an insulating sleeve/cozy for handling the Keg and keeping your liquids warm. The 12-10 stove includes an integrated primer pan and is specifically designed to run in the higher heat and reduced oxygen environment inside the cone. The fuel bottle kit includes not only a 5.5oz fuel bottle, but a reducer, lid, measuring cup and instructions. All of this has been carefully designed to fit perfectly into the Caldera Caddy that will protect your system under normal use while doubling as a mug and bowl!

  • Stable, efficient, wind resistant Caldera Cone with titanium re-enforced dovetail closure
  • Upcycled Caldera Keg and lid
  • 12-10 Stove with integrated primer pan
  • Lip-Guard silicone beer band
  • Monster silicone lip band for unformed cans
  • Fuel Bottle kit with measuring cup
  • Insulating cozy
  • Caldera Caddy to protect it all AND double as mug/bowls.
Note on Pot Volume: Trail Designs forms a "ridge" in the body of the beverage container so that it rests on the top of the cone. This ridge is right at 2cups which means that you can get 2 cups of water down inside the cone to heat, which is pretty standard for most dehydrated meals. The TOTAL volume of the container is 25.4 fl oz, but the top portion of that will not be inside the cone.

Min Weight: 
Weight of Pot/Cone/Stove - 2.7oz / 77gm
Weight of Everything - 6.3oz / 181gm

Material: Aluminum

Spring 2015 - TGO

Gear Experts - 5 Key Items You Rely On - Liz Thomas
"Keg F....It's stable and sturdy, efficient, and packs conveniently." Page 129

Gear Experts - 5 Key Items You Rely On - Dave Lintern
Trail Designs Ti-Tri Stove: Page 130

Gear Lightweight Favourites- 10 of the best - Chris Townsend
"Windproof, easy to use and ultralight, this stove unit has seen more use that any other in recent years...."
2-page Cover shot
Page 135

Nr. 4 2013 - Friluftsliv
Boiling water the lightest way possible

"Caldera Keg..... which is the lightest spirit burner and the lightest burner in this review - is the most weight efficient when it comes to boiling limited amounts of water."

(translated provided.....sorry no scan of actual article)

Fall 2012 - Friluftsliv
Caldera Keg and Ti-Tri Sidewinder Review

".....weight wise this system is a home-run and not just for long trips. Imagine how much of a weight difference this will make on day hikes."
Original article - Page 58 and 59 (in Norwegian)

November 2010 - TGO
TGO Gear Special - TGO writers choose their all-time favorites

Trail Designs Caldera Keg
"This cooking system is particulary unusual....because it ousted my lighter homemade beer can stove system from my kit list. It managed this unprecedented feat by being the most powerful and fantastically efficient meths stove system I've ever used."
Ultralightweight Specialist Eddy Meechan article - page 10 900K

September 2010 - Outdoor (German)
Less is More

"Record holder.....the Caldera Keg from Trail Designs, is the lightest stove system on the market."

Original article (in German) - page 98 450K
Original article (in German) - page 99 550K

November 2009 - Mountain Bike Magazine
Article by Aaron Teasdale - Riding Loaded

"....Caldera Keg-F Alcohol Stove System. At 6 ounces, this is the simplest, slickest, most efficient ultralight stove system available."

Original article - page 37 1MB

January 2009 - TGO Magazine
Mine's a Large One - Beer Can Pot/Stove Review

"....on longer trips and on occasions when it's particularly windy The Caldera Keg has proven itself to be outstanding......"

Original article - page 100 900 K - page 102 1MB

2013 Backpacking Light Staff Picks

"The Trail Designs Caldera cooking system has revolutionized backcountry cooking with an alcohol burner because of its lightweight, efficiency, and dependability. "
Will's Caldera Keg Review

Will Rietveld
Senior Editor
2013 Backpacking Light Staff Picks

2010 Backpacking Light Staff Picks

"The Trail Designs Caldera Cone has transformed the alcohol stove into a cooking system as convenient and reliable ..... as a canister stove."
Will's Caldera Keg Review

Will Rietveld
Senior Editor
2010 Backpacking Light Staff Picks

2008 Backpacking Light Staff Picks

"I can't imagine a lighter complete cooking system than this."
Will's Caldera Keg Review

Will Rietveld
BPL Associate Editor
2008 Backpacking Light Staff Picks

2008 Backpacking Light Staff Picks

"This is one incredible's become my go-to stove for most trips. The Caldera Keg is simply genius.."
Doug's Caldera Keg Review

Doug Johnson
BPL Associate Editor
2008 Backpacking Light Staff Picks