Caldera Sidewinder Duo

All the packability you love from the Ti-Tri Sidewinder, but now with a cost effective configuration!   We bundled all the pieces you see to the left, including the Classic Caldera Cone, Open Country 2 qt Non-Stick pot with bale handle, two titanium stakes, 12-10 stove with integrated primer pan, fuel bottle kit with measuring cup, Tyvek sleeve to protect your pot, and a Trail Designs stuff sack to hold it all.   With this 2qt pot, it's a perfect setup for two!

This revolutionary approach to esbit and alcohol stove cookery has quickly become the gold standard for ultralight backpackers.  For those new to the Caldera Cone System there is plenty of information in the tabs below.

Add a Simmer Ring to further expand your cooking options!

NOT FOR USE WITH WOOD OR PETROLEUM FIRES!!!! For wood fires see our 3 Fuel Ti-Tri Products

Made in the USA! 



This is a revolutionary approach to esbit and alcohol stove cookery. Trail Designs has developed a cone and stove system that is tuned to specific pots to create the most efficient esbit and alcohol stove system in the known universe.  With this Caldera Sidewinder, not only do you get the efficiency, stability and wind protection you've come to expect with the Classic Caldera cone, but you can now pack it all inside your pot!

The theory behind the system is that completely enclosing the pot and stove within the Caldera Cone, and fine tuning the alcohol stove (included...Gram Cracker esbit stove optional) to work in that environment, we are now able to milk every last BTU out of your fuel and funnel it onto all sides of your pot. Not only does the cone system optimize your fuel usage, its wide base provides the most stable system on the market. And if that weren't enough, by totally enclosing the pot and stove, nothing performs better in the wind. Period. To top it off, the Caldera Sidewinder packs completely inside the provide pot along with all it's goodies!

The Caldera Sidewinder features a bomb-proof dovetail closure mechanism, venting that is biased to one side so you can block the wind better, and is made of light weight aluminum.   The Caldera Sidewinder kit includes the cone, two titanium stakes, pot gripper, fuel bottle kit, 12-10 stove with integrated primer pan, stuff sack, AND the non-stick Open Country 2 qt pot with lid.....EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO HIT THE TRAIL!

NOT FOR USE WITH WOOD OR PETROLEUM FIRES!!!! For wood fires see our 3-Fuel Ti-Tri Products


  • Caldera Cone sized to fit your 2qt pot perfectly
  • 12-10 alcohol stove with integrated primer pan included
  • Fuel bottle kit with measuring cup included
  • Two titanium stakes to support the pot
  • Tyvek cone packing sleeve
  • Stuff sack to hold it all....
  • .....and a 2 qt Non-Stick Open Country pot with handle to make it a complete system....nothing else to buy!


Min Weight: 

Caldera Cone - 45 gm

12-10 Stove - 16gm

Fuel Bottle - 20gm

Pot - 242gm

Lid - 48gm



 Ultralight Backpackin' Tips
Written and Illustrated by Mike Clelland!

"Another system for maximizing efficiency is the amazing Caldera Cone system......Highly recommended."
     Scan of relevant area on Page 99

gearguide November 2010 - TGO
TGO Gear Special - TGO writers choose their all-time favorites

Caldera Cone Stove System
".....after years of using petroleum fuel and cartridge stoves I've returned to meths for long distance walks. This is due to the ingenious Caldera Cone...."
     Equipment Editor Chris Towsend article - page 5 800K

Trail Designs Caldera Keg
"This cooking system is particulary unusual....because it ousted my lighter homemade beer can stove system from my kit list. It managed this unprecedented feat by being the most powerful and fantastically efficient meths stove system I've ever used."
     Ultralightweight Specialist Eddy Meechan article - page 10 900K

gearguide April 2010 - Trail Magazine 2010 Gear Guide

"Caldera Cone and Stove - 4 stars - Add on a dedicated kettle and this is perfect for super light backpacking."

Original article - page 109 700K

Summer 2008 - Live for the Outdoors
Graham Thompson - Video Review

"It's a remarkable piece of kit......if you want to travel ultralight it is probably one of the best things you are going to find."

Trail Magazine Video Review

July 2008 - Trail Magazine - Stoves - The Finalists - Best for Lightweight

Trail Designs Caldera Cone Stove
"This is a remarkable product. It's based around a tiny meths stove that weighs only 16g.....(and) the addition of the Caldera Cone transforms the performance by acting as a windshield, supporting the pan and funnelling the heat to the base of it......The whole cook set (with MSR Kettle) weighs in at 180g which is lighter than most burners! It's neat and compact too making it ideal for ultralight backpacking."

Original article - page 78 83 K

Summer 2008 - BackpackingLight Magazine - Issue 9
Article by Alan Dixon - Extreme Ultralight in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Alan Dixon does a sub-5 pound FSO trip and includes the Caldera!
"The light weight and high fuel efficiency of the Caldera system is hard to beat.....Weight of the whole system, including fuel bottle (less fuel) was around 3 ounces."

Original article - page 82 760 K
Picture of the gear - page 80 840 K

April 2008 - TGO Magazine
Article by Cameron McNeish - Five Favourite Things

Caldera Cone Stove
"Another relative newcomer to my gear shed but I wonder how I managed without it for so many years. This super-duper lightweight meths stove is the modern equivalent of my old, and much-cherished, Trangia stove."

Original article - page 81 250 K

January 2008 - TGO Magazine
Chris Townsend review - TGO Best Buy

"Last July I reviewed the original version of this stove and gave it a Best Buy. The latest version is even better and weighs 12 grams less as the material is lighter....the new one has a dovetial join that slides together (and) the air slots now only run along one side..... The combination of stability, light weight, fuel efficiency and wind resistance makes the Caldera Stove the best meths stove for backpacking in my opinion, suitable for any length of trip any time of year."

Original article - page 84 480 K

December 2007 - Sea Kayaker Magazine
Ultralight Camp Stove

"The Caldera Cone Stove System from Trail Designs is an ultralight, fuel-efficient alcohol stove system. It is stable, wind resistant and weighs less than two ounces.....The Caldera Cone fits most popular titanium pots and mugs and functions as a combined pot stand, windscreen and heat exchanger. It is easy to disassemble and pack."

Original article - page 54 321 K

Dec 07 Backpacker December 2007 - Backpacker Magazine - 2007 Ultralight Handbook
Kristin Hostetter - Backpacker Magazine - Gear Editor

Caldera Kitchen
"This alcohol stove system has it all: utter simplicity. Wispy weight. An ingenious packing system.....But what makes the Caldera unique is the way the system is integrated: The aluminum windscreen forms a rigid cone which supports (the) pot perfectly suspended over the burner - and efficiently captures the alcohol's BTU's."

Original article - page 83 2703 K

july 07 TGO July 2007 - TGO Magazine
Chris Townsend review - TGO Best Buy

"I'm impressed with the Caldera Cone Stove system. It's easy to use, efficient in cold and windy weather and ultralight. I'll certainly be using it in the future. I recon it's the best meths stove around at present."

Original article - page 104 411K

Mar 07 TGO March 2007 - TGO Magazine

For her April 2007 attempt to do the 3300 mile Alpine Challenge, Judy Armstrong chose the Caldera Cone system for her food prep. This article in TGO discusses her gear (only supplying the page that mentioned the Caldera). You can also read more about the plan on her website.

Original article - page 95 881k

"The combination of stability, light weight, fuel efficiency and wind resistance makes the Caldera Stove the best meths stove for backpacking in my opinion, suitable for any length of trip at any time of year."

Chris Townsend
TGO's Technical Editor
TGO January 2008 Best Buy

"I'm impressed with the Caldera ConeTM Stove system ....... I reckon it's the best meths stove around at present."

Chris Townsend
TGO's Technical Editor
TGO July 2007 Best Buy

July 2008

"This is a remarkable product......ideal for ultralight backpacking. Verdict: This is minimalist with a capital M but functional with a capital F."


2008 Backpacking Light Staff Picks

"I can't imagine a lighter complete cooking system than this."
Will's Caldera Keg Review

Will Rietveld
BPL Associate Editor
2008 Backpacking Light Staff Picks

2008 Backpacking Light Staff Picks

"The AGG Caldera Kitchen is the ideal couple's ultralight cooking system, and my wife and I take it on every trip....Just say, 'I will not use a canister stove again!'"
Alan's Caldera Kitchen Review

Alan Dixon
BPL Editorial Correspondent
2008 Backpacking Light Staff Picks

2006 Backpacking Light Staff Picks

"Think of the Caldera Cone Stove System as an alcohol version of the JetBoil without the weight penalty!"
Alan's Caldera Cone Review

Alan Dixon
BPL Senior Technical Editor
2006 Backpacking Light Staff Picks