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Evernew 400ml Cup + Sidewinder Ti-Tri Bundle

  • This Bundle contains the EBY265 pot and a small Sidewinder system for esbit and wood.  Included is the Ti-Tri titanium cone custom sized to fit in inside this mug, the titanium GramCracker solid fuel kit, Tyvek sleeve to protect your mug, two titanium stakes for wood burning and alcohol mode, aluminum sheet for DIY lid options, and a "beer band" to use to suspend your mug.
    Sidewinder + Mug Bundle- $89.95 (See other bundled discounts below)

  • In the interest of facilitating Leave No Trace wood burning practices, Trail Designs offers titanium floor plates to go under your Ti-Tri systems.
    Titanium Floor - $15
    Order with your Sidewinder for only $10!

NOTE!  This bundle is really for the serious fringe ultralighter.   There are plenty of you out there who have been asking about it, so we pulled this together for you.   If you are a more traditional Ultralight backpacker, this may not be the system for you!

Made in the USA! 



This product was developed with Jason Quick from the BPL site..... you can see the original design efforts here:


  • Evernew 400ml Ultralight Mug (EBY265)
  • Titanium Ti-Tri Sidewinder Cone sized to fit INSIDE your mug perfectly
  • Titanium Gram Cracker solid fuel/esbit stove kit
  • 2 titanium stakes for wood/esbit burning mode
  • Beer band for mug support on cone
  • Aluminum sheet for DIY lid options
  • Optional titanium floor to protect the ground in wood burning mode



Compatible Pots

This bundle is only compatible with the Evernew EBY265