Caldera Keg-GVP Stove System

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What would Glen Van Peski use? Well, the answer is a 3 gram stove, 25 gram pot, 6 gram lid, and the most stable, efficient pot support and windscreen on the market. With this in mind, Trail Designs® developed the first generation Caldera Keg™ - GVP in partnership with Gossamer Gear® and Glen Van Peski several years ago. Includes everything shown here and although Glen doesn't use all of it you might want to.

With the reinforced beer can pot, 3 gram stove and a cone system that captures and funnels the heat to all sides of the pot, you're going to be hard pressed to beat this solution for both weight, and efficiency!

With the introduction of the Kojin Stove, it is now possible to use both alcohol and esbit in the GVP!   We're making that option available to you this year for the first time!

Made in the USA!

  • Stable, efficient, wind resistant Caldera Cone with titanium re-enforced dovetail closure
  • Upcycled Caldera Keg and lid
  • Lip-Guard silicone beer band
  • Monster silicone lip band for unformed cans
  • Insulating cozy
  • Caldera Caddy to protect it all AND double as mug/bowls.
  • The most efficient solid fuel stove system in the known universe
  • Includes stuff sack

Note on Pot Volume: Trail Designs forms a "ridge" in the body of the beverage container so that it rests on the top of the cone. This ridge is right at 2cups which means that you can get 2 cups of water down inside the cone to heat, which is pretty standard for most dehydrated meals. The TOTAL volume of the container is 25.4 fl oz, but the top portion of that will not be inside the cone.


  • .95 oz. (27 g.) Caldera Cone
  • .88 oz. (25 g.) Fosters Can
  • .2 oz. (6 g.) Lid
  • .1 oz. (3 g.) Gram Cracker Stand
  • .17 oz. (5 g.) Small BeerBand
  • .28 oz. (8 g.) Large BeerBand
  • 2.6 oz. (75 g.) Caldera Caddy

Material:  Aluminum