Stove Accessories

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Pocket Torch XT (Soto PT-XT)
Refillable extended reach lighter!
Trail Designs Simmer Ring
Simmer Ring for the 12-10 stove
AGG Caddy Sack
Sil Nylon bag and cozies for your Caldera Caddy
e12 Esbit Solid Fuel Tablets
The industry standard for solid fuel.
Fill Adaptor (Soto OD-TRC)
Attaches to your canister for refilling Soto PT-XT
fuel-bottle Fuel Bottle Kit
Fuel Bottle Kit with Measuring Cup
Pocket Torch (Soto PT-14SB)
Windproof conversion using your standard lighter!
Prime-Lite Primer Pan $2.99
Classic Windscreen Classic Windscreen
Classic, unvented windscreen
Vari-Vent Sizes Vari-Vent Windscreens
 Top of the line vented windscreen
caldera-caddy Caldera Caddy
Food Grade plastic container for your Caldera Cone and other accessories