Everything you get with your GVP!
Keg-GVP Stowed Re-Enforced Keg body - NEW for 2012!

Caldera Keg-GVP Stove System

What would Glen Van Peski use? Well, the answer is a 3 gram stove, 25 gram pot, 6 gram lid, and the most stable, efficient pot support and windscreen on the market. With this in mind, Trail Designs® developed the Caldera Keg™ - GVP for Gossamer Gear®. Includes everything shown here and although Glen doesn't use all of it you might want to.

(NOTE!  Sometimes we have access to insulated bags that we substitute for the bag + cozy....not often though!)

NEW for 2012!   We are now re-enforcing the body of the can to make it even stronger!

Made in the USA! 



  • Caddy storage doubles as a mug and bowl
  • Caldera Cone™ provides combined windscreen and keg support
  • Keg and lid are made from recycled materials
  • Re-Enforced Keg body - NEW for 2012!
  • The most efficient solid fuel stove system in the known universe
  • Eliminates the need for a pot stand
  • Includes stuff sack


Min Weight: 


  • .95 oz. (27 g.) Caldera Cone
  • .88 oz. (25 g.) Fosters Can
  • .2 oz. (6 g.) Lid
  • .1 oz. (3 g.) Gram Cracker Stand
  • .17 oz. (5 g.) Small BeerBand
  • .28 oz. (8 g.) Large BeerBand
  • 2.6 oz. (75 g.) Caldera Caddy